Purina All Naturals reduces cat shedding? Plus, more info on foods reducing shedding.

Purina Naturals

by Alyssa W.(Nebraska) Purina® Cat Chow® Naturals My cat had a shedding problem but after I started feeding him Purina All Naturals, he doesn’t shed nearly as much and his coat is much softer and shinier too. Alyssa W. Hi Alyssa: thanks for passing on that tidbit of information about cat food. [Note: this …

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Best cat food – informative overview discussion

Cat eating

Preamble This page has been refreshed, added-to, and republished as at January 2022. IT IS IN 2 PAGES WITH A 2ND PAGE LINK. All website pages need to go through a review and rebuild process after about 10 or more years in my opinion. That’s what I am doing here. Things change and these …

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List of cat foods the most knowledgeable cat food expert gives her cats (2022)

Best cat foods only human grade as per Susan Thixton

Susan Thixton is probably the most expert and knowledgeable person on pet food that is currently sharing their knowledge on the Internet. Susan Thixton runs the Truth about Pet Food website. It is a respected website. Thixton has been running her website meticulously for a very long time. She is a very demanding woman …

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The reason why Mars employees eat the company’s pet food

Taste testing cat and dog food. Note: this is a joke and these guys are not Mars employees. "Rhett & Link Eat a Variety of Pet Foods"

Mars employees eat the cat food because they are hungry….just kidding, please read on… Certain employees working for the giant pet food manufacturer, Mars, eat the company’s wet cat food as part of their job. The Daily Mail website says that they do this to make sure that it tastes nice for cats and …

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Confused about grain-free cat food

Is grain-free cat food better than cat food with grains?

I am confused about grain-free cat food. I think it’s becoming almost impossible to understand cat food ingredients and what is good or bad for our cats. Cat food manufacturers have to face competing objectives. They need to provide food which is affordable and which is suitable for a cat. It is the affordability …

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How much protein should be in cat food?

Protein in pet food label

A cat’s diet should contain 30 to 45% protein on a dry matter basis (DMB) and it should be of high biological value which means that it should be meat proteins as opposed to plant proteins. The phrase “biological value” means a measure of the proportion of absorbed protein from a food which becomes …

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