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Should a feral cat with FIV be euthanized? — 3 Comments

  1. No way. Even feral cats with HIV have the chance for a good home and equal opportunity to become good pets. MyBoy my feral is the sweetest boy although he is still to wild to be with my others. He has learned to meow and come closer and closer, play with toys and relax in the comfort of an easy chair. I know he was abused and bitten by other cats but it appears he was just too timid and kind to fight back. We just had to hold back food for almost a month to get him to the vet because he was too crafty to get into The TNR trap. He maintained his good nature all the time and finally got to the vet yesterday in his carrying case which we have always left him and he often uses for safety. He is in good health at about 3 years old. We never even railed at the bars of the carrier nor growled angrily. Why shouldn’t this lovely boy have a chance at life. I surely think so.

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