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Siamese Cat With Black Eyes — 3 Comments

  1. I’d need to see a clearer photo of the eyes, but it sounds as though the pupil is fixed open. There can be various reasons for this. There are medical conditions that can discolour the iris and these need to be checked by a vet. Cats are superb at disguising poor vision, especially if the vision has been poor from birth, so I recommend the retinas are examined by a vet (easy to do, the same as an optometrist does with people).

  2. Your cat may have a vision problem, where light is not filtering correctly.
    Does it have any behavior which seems off balance/ is the cat bumping into things or moving a little slow or searching for the litter box/
    Please have a vet check this cats eyes, in case there is an impairment. best of luck, Eva

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