Brilliant copper eyes of tabby Exotic Shorthair

Tabby Exotic Shorthair with brilliant copper eyes

I was looking for ‘strange cats’ on Pinterest and came across this tabby Exotic Shorthair with the most extraordinary copper-coloured eyes. If this was not a video I would have decided that this was an example of photo-editing because the colour is hardly believable. These bright copper eyes can only be the creation of …

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Colour changes in the eyes of an odd-eyed white cat

Ivory has odd eye color and they change in color

Ivory is a 10 year old, white, domestic shorthaired cat with odd-eye colour. Her right eye is gold coloured and her left eye is yellow-green coloured. Her owner, Gabriela Carvalho, 28, a nursing student, adopted Ivory from the same rescue centre that she adopted her former cat from, whose name was Luna. Luna died …

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When do kittens’ eyes change colour?

Two Blue Eyed Kittens

There is physics behind the answer to the question, which may displease some readers and I’ll understand why! By six or seven weeks of age a kitten’s eyes begin to change colour from blue to the colour that their genes dictate that their eyes should be. In human babies the change takes place at …

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Gold and Aquamarine: Two Pairs of Feline Odd-eyes Set in Pure White

When these twin cats, Iriss and Abyss, sit together as they often do and look into the camera lens, you won’t see a more beautiful vision of cat eyes anywhere in the world. They are odd-eyed cats – more technically described as having heterochromatic eyes. White cats not uncommonly have an eye conditon called …

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