TikTok’s cat vision filter critique

TikTok cat vision filter

TikTok’s cat vision filter is unsophisticated and misleading. I’ll explain why. TikTok has introduced another ‘filter’. What that means is the platform a alters the reality or filters the video that you make and, in this instance, they make the video look as if it was through the eyes of a cat. And in …

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Primary Abyssinian cat health problem is inherited progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) causing blindness

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), a hereditary eye disease leading to blindness, was found in the Abyssinian breed of cat

Introduction: I am focusing on the primary health problem suffered by this cat: inherited progressive retinal atrophy which is very serious. The first section was written by ChatGPT, an AI computer. It is well written and accurate in my view. There follows references to 3 studies. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is a group of …

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Cat Vision Pictorial Examples

What colors do cats see?

Introduction: I was the first person to make these comparison point-of-view images. Everyone has followed. I used our knowledge of the cat’s eyesight to work it out. Enjoy. We cannot be absolutely certain that these images are entirely accurate but they should be pretty close. Remember too that cats have poor close-range eyesight partly …

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Domestic cat with triangular-shaped pupils (coloboma)

Tabby cat with triangular pupils which is called coloboma

This tabby cat sitting outside minding his own business with a nice collar and bell to help protect the birds has very interesting eyes because the pupils are triangular-shaped due to a congenital condition called coloboma. This is particularly noticeable in domestic cats because we know that they have pupils which vary from a …

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10 reasons why cats can see better at night than humans

Green light glowing from the reflective layer at the back of cats' eyes

The human is a diurnal species of animal – the human-animal. “Diurnal” means active during the daytime. I am referring to the domestic cat which does not comfortably sit within the diurnal or nocturnal category of animals. They can be active at night and during the day but are more likely to be most …

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