Snoopy Thanksgiving

Snoopy Thanksgiving

by Michael
(London, UK)

A still from Snoopy Thanksgiving

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A still from Snoopy Thanksgiving

Snoopy thanksgiving refers to the Emmy Award-winning A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving aired in 1973. This was one of the thirty T.V. specials of mostly 30 minutes in length, that began with A Charlie Brown Christmas (first aired on CBS 1965). Some other notable shows in the series were:

  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)
  • He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown (1968)
  • It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1974)
  • Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975)
  • It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown (1976)
  • Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown (1976) one hour show
  • Happy Birthday Charlie Brown (1979)

I hope the regular visitors will indulge me in writing about Snoopy thanksgiving, a dog cartoon character's experiences of Thanksgiving. PoC has a successful Cartoon Cats page and as there is an overlap with cartoon dogs, I feel that once in a while it would be nice to break out of the cat world especially as dog cartoon characters are popular, thus boosting PoC's popularity, which benefits cats!

Charles Schulz created the Snoopy character. Snoopy was inspired by Charles Schulz's black and white dog that he was given when he was 13 years of age.

Snoopy is "an image of what people would like a dog to be" says Schulz. Initially Snoopy was initially rejected by syndicates but eventually arrived on the scene on October 2nd, 1950 The title was changed from "Li'l Folks" to "Peanuts".

In Snoopy thanksgiving, Snoopy who as we know is "owned" by the youngster Charlie Brown, behaves in his usual way. Incidentally Snoopy was a dog companion to Lila before Charlie Brown came on the scene. And Snoopy has a "contract" with Charlie Brown that forbids Charlie getting rid of him! Legally speaking that is an unenforceable contract as dogs can't enter into a contract! I guess you know that.

Snoopy's philosophy is "I wonder why some of us are born dogs while others are born people. Why should I have been the lucky one?" Cat lovers will understand that! Snoopy considers himself an elite individual. Snoopy fantasises about being heroic figures such as a World War I fighter ace in his biplane or "Joe Cool" a campus hotshot or the Easter Beagle giving away eggs is a more stylish way than the Easter Bunny.

Please note that videos sometimes get pulled off the internet without notice leaving a blank screen.

He has one nemesis (an opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome) who just happens to be a cat - you see there is a cat in this post! The cat lives next door to Snoopy. But the cat is never seen. We only see the effects of his or her claws. The cat's claws (all four sets of them) leave scratch marks on Snoopy's doghouse, a Christmas tree and a candle-bedecked birthday cake.

Snoopy's relatives, that we know, consists of:

  • A grandmother who is keen on proverbs and a retired, moustached, grandfather living in Florida who is a Beagle. /li>
  • Snoopy's eight brothers of which the following are named: Spike (older than Snoopy), Marbles (the smart one) and the "portly"1 Olaf.
  • Snoopy's sister Belle who lives in Kansas.

Snoopy's closest friend other than Charlies Brown is Woodstock. And FiFi and a nameless dog were the loves of his life.

"Snoopy" was the name of the lunar module on the Appollo 10 moon mission (1969). The magazine, "Snoopy" has been published since 1987.

Snoopy Thanksgiving -- Note:

1. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cartoon Animals page 244.

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