Spiders: Humans are scared of them. Cats are not

An hilarious Simon’s Cat video that sums up the human’s fear of spiders as compared to the cat’s, oh-so-relaxed attitude towards them. What happened to humans?

In the modern world, Simon’s cat is more sensible than Simon. The answer as to why people are fearful of spiders is because back in caveman times – the birth of homo sapiens – people were frightened of spiders because some were poisonous. They threatened the survival of the human. Fine. But why is the cat so relaxed with spiders. Answer: the cat can kill a spider without being bitten because the cat is very quick and very sharp when it comes to defences and killing prey. The cat is not fearful of the spider because he is a better hunter (going back to caveman times) than the human. You’ll see African wildcats (the wild ancestor of today’s domestic cat) catching and eating poisonous snakes and snakes are fast. Let’s celebrate the domestic cat’s abilities.

Note: thanks Ruth aka Kattaddorra for showing me the video. I loved it.

9 thoughts on “Spiders: Humans are scared of them. Cats are not”

  1. Laughed till I cried especially at the end poor Simon oh this has really cheered me up.
    I must admit I’m scared stiff of spiders as well even small ones just make my blood go cold


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