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Swheat Scoop Litter Support Declawing — 4 Comments

  1. I use Swheat litter as bedding for my ball pythons. Not as cat litter. I would not buy it otherwise, but it’s the best material I found for my snakes. I have 3 cats as well; all with their claws.

  2. I adopted a cat that was already declawed. He has some litterbox issues because he is sensitive to what will be on his feet. I need to know what litter will work for him. I don’t support declawing, but I DO need to know if a litter works for declawed cats, and it helps to research this before spending money on it. Just saying. Incidentally, my baby was sent to the shelter for ruining couches by peeing on them, thus negating the declawing benefits, I guess. I think a lot of declawed cats develop this issue.

    • H Jennifer. Yes, more declawed cats that the vets like to admit have problems, some of them serious. There is no commercial product that is highly suitable for a declawed cat who is sensitive to litter material that I know of except for the one referred to in the article. Paper works but that is a temporary measure. Sand might work but it is not cat litter and has no absorbent properties etc..

      Your cat was not recently declawed so he has real problems. He probably needs repair surgery. There are vets who do this. He probably has fragments of bone in his paws. This is typical of botched surgery.

      I’d consider contacting The Paw Project for advice on repair surgery. You need the right surgeon for this. You can find The Paw Project online. Good luck to you both.

    • I would never adopt a declawed cat. I could not take the behavioral issues caused by the mutilation. Should have looked around for and adopted a normal cat.

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