Corn-based cat litter can be food for pests which is a downside

Corn based cat litter pellets

There must be some upsides in buying corn-based cat litter but I’m focusing on the downsides here. The major downsides emanate from the obvious fact that corn is a food. Not only food for people but pests including worms. A contributor to this website said that she received a voucher for corn-based litter and …

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Cat litter substrate compared (infographic)

Cat digging around in cat litter

‘Substrate’ refers to the litter material e.g. clay or wood. Each type has its pluses and minuses. Personally, when my cat was using a litter tray, I used wood substrate. I found it good at odour suppression and it is relatively good for the environment. But, of course, I leave it to each cat owner to make their own decision. There is a greater emphasis nowadays compared to say 20 years ago to protect the environment so that aspect of the comparison is of greater importance. If the expense is not a major issue perhaps the deciding factor would be environmental impact. Read about Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter – dusty.

An idea on reducing litter tray odour in multi-cat households and saving money

Catio with outdoor toilet

One of the big problems in multi-cat homes is keeping down litter tray odours. Ideally you need one litter tray per cat plus one (Jackson Galaxy). Depending on the number of cats it can be quite a lot of work keeping the odours down. It might even be impossible, which is why my neighbours …

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Is cat litter dust potentially harmful to cats and cat owners?

Dusty cat litter

To be honest, this topic is a bit of a minefield. It is very complicated. It is hard to find clear cut answers. And there is a distinct lack of good science on it which surprises me as it is a topic that is made for scientific research. It is almost as if the …

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5 reasons why Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter is potentially dangerous to cats and caregivers


On May 31, 2014, I wrote an article entitled “Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter: Reports It Is Dangerous“. Over about eight years that page has consistently done well in terms of visits. I think it kicked off a big Internet discussion about the product which has encouraged me to revisit it. I wrote several other …

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Green cat (3 aspects)

Green Cat

This is about 3 aspects of ‘green cat’: A cat with green fur or partially green fur Another feline mutation? A cat or cat caregiver 😎 that is green (environmentally friendly) Cat with Green Fur On April 1, 2002, Sarah Hartwell published a long page on her well-known website, about the genetics of …

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26 facts about ‘inappropriate elimination’

The most common cat behavior problem is depositing urine and/or poop outside of the litter box for one reason or another

Here are 26 facts about the classic domestic cat behavioural problem, namely ‘inappropriate elimination’. It is a problem which has been widely discussed and in-depth. I believe that a succinct presentation on the topic may help some people get to the bottom of it quickly. I hope this page helps. If you have any …

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