‘Chinchilla’, its meaning in the cat world (infographic)

Chinchilla Persian miniature cat

The word ‘chinchilla’ is used a lot in the cat fancy and it is associated with Persian cats. Usually not the extreme bred, flat-faced variety but the traditional doll-faced types. But there appears to be a certain flexibility in the meaning and use of the word which I have illustrated in the infographic. In essence ‘chinchilla’ refers to a type of coat in the cat world, specifically the cat fancy. The name has been taken from the name of a South American rodent with the same coat.

Blofeld’s cat – coat, breed and more facts

Donald Pleasance playing Blofeld with his Chinchilla Persian whose name was Solomon

The chinchilla Persian is one of the cat fancy’s most glamorous cats. I’m referring to the traditional doll face variety. It appeared in 1882 and was first exhibited at a cat show in 1894. The Chinchilla Cat Club was created in 1901. And in the 1960s the chinchilla Persian became famous as the pet …

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