Over-monetisation of Wegovy and Ozempic in humans and pets

Ozempic for humans and cats as a weight loss drug

COMMENT: Weight loss medication such as Wegovy and Ozempic (not FDA approved in the US incidentally) are brand names for the injectable drug semaglutide which is a GLP-1 agonist which works by stimulating hormones that control appetite. They are appetite suppressants. See base of article for potential side-effects. Don’t buy weight loss either for …

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Some commonly used drugs for pets and their side-effects. Pet caregiving info.

Metacam has potential side effects that caregivers should be aware of

As I have said before, cat and dog caregivers need to have some knowledge of companion animal health and treatments in order to discharge their responsibilities concerning pet caregiving including being able to discuss in a meaningful way treatments at their veterinarian’s clinic. In order to try and assist a little bit in that …

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