Over-monetisation of Wegovy and Ozempic in humans and pets

Ozempic for humans and cats as a weight loss drug

COMMENT: Weight loss medication such as Wegovy and Ozempic (not FDA approved in the US incidentally) are brand names for the injectable drug semaglutide which is a GLP-1 agonist which works by stimulating hormones that control appetite. They are appetite suppressants. See base of article for potential side-effects. Don’t buy weight loss either for …

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US approval expected for drug to extend the life of dogs

Large dog lived to old age thanks to LOY-001

This is a story about a drug which is said to extend the life of domestic dogs generally without tackling a specific disease. It’s a brand-new story as reported in The Times newspaper today and it caught my eye because the lives of domestic dogs very much need extending! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜Š RELATED: Anti-ageing drug rapamycin …

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Decriminalizing drugs is harmful to both pets and people

Decriminalizing drugs doesnโ€™t work based on Oregon's and Portugal's liberal 'experiments'.

Although it sounds callous, I believe that drug addicts and alcoholics should not be cat owners. They are simply too unreliable. It depends on the standards of cat caregiving one is trying to attain but these should be high. Being drunk or high on drugs is incompatible with high standards of cat caregiving. Many …

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Siamese kitten tested positive for meth and amphetamine

Athena had an incredibly hard start to her life

NEWS AND VIEWS: I always comment on the news rather than simply repeating it as I must. I have to contribute something to it. No point just regurgitating it. And this story from America, from my perspective, highlights a problem with drug taking that is a big issue in America and other countries. Drugs …

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Anti-ageing drug rapamycin expected to extend the lives of dogs, humans (and cats!)

Rapamycin is being tested on extending the lifespan and health span of dogs, eventually humans and we must include cats.

Although the newspapers say that the anti-ageing drug rapamycin is being tested to extend the lives of dogs and possibly humans, I am going to state that if it works for dogs and humans it must work for cats. I must, therefore introduce cats into this article. It seems to be a kind of …

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Fluvoxamine (Luvox) given to an aggressive Maine Coon cat which cured him

Aggressive Maine Coon given a long course of an antidepressant

I am reading a short summary on the treatment of an aggressive Maine Coon cat. The summary does not paint the entire picture which in one way makes it interesting and in another it makes it irritating. There are some holes in the story. This is the story: a Maine Coon cat was being …

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Human treatment for Covid is being used on Cyprus’ cats suffering from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a coronavirus


The news today is that surplus stocks of “unused coronavirus medication for humans will be made available to treat cats in Cyprus” (The Guardian) suffering from the mass outbreak of FIP (a different species of coronavirus). News media covered the story extensively and while doing so grossly exaggerated the deaths in stating that 300,000 had …

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Actor recommends a human antidepressant for a pet who’s ‘addicted to TV’

Surprised Ben the Vet

This is weird on two counts for me. Ben the Vet listened in on a phone-in agony uncle radio show in which it seems an American actor, Paul Rudd, dished out advice to a women who was concerned that her dog was ‘addicted to television’. Sounds odd. How does she know? I mean her …

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