US approval expected for drug to extend the life of dogs

Large dog lived to old age thanks to LOY-001

This is a story about a drug which is said to extend the life of domestic dogs generally without tackling a specific disease. It’s a brand-new story as reported in The Times newspaper today and it caught my eye because the lives of domestic dogs very much need extending! 💕😊 RELATED: Anti-ageing drug rapamycin …

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Some notes on SENVELGO an ‘effective glycemic control’ of cats diagnosed with diabetes not on insulin

Senvelgo may assist caregivers of cats who have been newly diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and not on insulin

In 2020, it was estimated that 1 in every 300 dogs and 1 in 230 cats would develop diabetes during their lifetime. Additionally, a report published in 2016 suggested an upward trend in the disease, rising 80% in dogs and 18% in cats over a ten-year period. Patterson Veterinary concerning pet cats and dogs in the …

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Anti-ageing drug rapamycin expected to extend the lives of dogs, humans (and cats!)

Rapamycin is being tested on extending the lifespan and health span of dogs, eventually humans and we must include cats.

Although the newspapers say that the anti-ageing drug rapamycin is being tested to extend the lives of dogs and possibly humans, I am going to state that if it works for dogs and humans it must work for cats. I must, therefore introduce cats into this article. It seems to be a kind of …

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In America you can now use pregabalin to calm down your cat before they visit the vet

In America, the FDA has approved pregabalin as an antianxiety drug to be given to cats before they visit a vet or in transportation

The FDA in America has approved pregabalin oral solution for alleviating anxiety associated with transportation and veterinary visits in cats to use their words. In America pregabalin oral solution is labelled Bonqat. You give it your cat 1.5 hours before they go to the vet and it can be given it on two consecutive …

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Discussing methods and drugs in tranquilizing a lion or other big cat with a dart

Kimba and escaped lion tranquilised

I was prompted to write about this topic after reading a new story, today, about a lion, Kimba, which escaped from a circus near Ladispoli, north-west of Rome, Italy. The lion prowled the small town’s streets resulting in a curfew for the residents. The police were called and they contacted an expert, Bisegna, on …

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Fluvoxamine (Luvox) given to an aggressive Maine Coon cat which cured him

Aggressive Maine Coon given a long course of an antidepressant

I am reading a short summary on the treatment of an aggressive Maine Coon cat. The summary does not paint the entire picture which in one way makes it interesting and in another it makes it irritating. There are some holes in the story. This is the story: a Maine Coon cat was being …

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Home treatment for cat ear mites

Ear mite

Treating your cat’s ear mites is possible at home provided (a) you do it in conjunction with veterinary advice to first positively identify ear mites as the cause of the health problem and (b) your vet has examined the cat and determined that the ear drums are intact and (c) you clean your cat’s …

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