Torbie Cats

Gemma: Torbie Siberian Cat. Photo copyright Helmi Flick

The word “torbie” is a shortened version of “tortoiseshell-tabby”. The word describes a coat that is an amalgam of tabby patterns/colors and tortoiseshell patterns/colors. Both pedigree cats and moggies have torbie coats. The black areas are replaced by dark tabby patterning. They are also known as a ‘patched tabby’. To people unsure about cat …

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Torbie Cat

Brown Mackerel Torbie The description “torbie cat” is on first reading it a bit perplexing. It is in fact an amalgam of tabby cat and tortoiseshell cat. You have to try and visualise what such a hybrid would look like. A torbie cat is sometimes called a “patched tabby” for obvious reasons. The cat …

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