Can cats be asexual?

Intact male tortoiseshell is asexual

I’m referring to domestic cats. The word “asexual” means to lack the desire to have sex. Both intact male and female domestic cats naturally desire to procreate and therefore have sex. It would be a rare cat indeed who was genuinely asexual because it’s in the DNA of intact domestic cats to procreate in …

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What is the blue-cream cat coat?

Dilute tortoiseshell

The blue-cream cat coat is a dilute version of the black-red cat coat which describes the tortoiseshell coat so the blue-cream coat is a dilute tortoiseshell. Blue is a dilute black. It is blue-grey. Grey cats are called ‘blue cats’ by the cat fancy as you probably know in recognition of the slight blue …

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Can tortoiseshell cats have white?

Calico cat or tortoiseshell and white

To fill out the question, it is asking if tortoiseshell cats can have some white fur in addition to the usual black plus orange tabby and the answer is yes but in the United States they refer to tortoiseshell cats with some white fur as ‘calico cats’. In the UK the cat fancy has …

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Picture of a veterinarian showing off an exceedingly rare male calico cat’s private parts

1 in 3000 rare male calico cat in the hands of an Asian vet

This is the tweet (plus my comment) accompanying a photo of a Philippine veterinarian proudly showing off a male calico cat’s private parts. Not so private. A bit undignified but I guess he felt it necessary to prove that he had come across a rare male calico cat. They are as rare as tortoiseshell …

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Describing the male tortoiseshell cat’s strange feminine behavior

Male tortoiseshell cats are rare and feminine

Male tortoiseshell cats are very rare because the genes which create the coat colour and pattern are sex linked. There should be no tortoiseshell male cats. There are some because of a minor genetic error which allows the male to develop with the combination XXY chromosomes. The double X gives it the chance to …

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Picture of tortoiseshell kitten with Milky Way eyes

Tortoiseshell kitten with star studded eyes

This tortoiseshell kitten has amazing eyes. She is female as are nearly all tortie cats. It’s the eyes which amaze. They remind me of photographs of the Milky Way. The Milky Way is the galaxy that is our home. It is gargantuan. The eyes are glittering, star-studded blue orbs against the fiery red-orange of …

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