Abandonment of Persian cats, Ragdolls, Maine Coons and Bengals have soared by up to 300% since 2018 as owners struggle with inherited health problems

This is a picture of four top breeds with unacceptable health issues due to inherited diseases resulting in the cats being relinquished to the RSPCA rescue centres in greater numbers since 2018.

My thanks to the Mail Online for being at the vanguard of discussing domestic cat breeds. They do focus on cats quite a lot which I like. And in this instance, they’ve focused on a topic which I’ve been concerned about for about 15 years. It’s a topic which should concern anybody who wants …

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Claudia Schiffer took her cat, Chip, to the premiere of Argylle, a film in which he appears

Claudia Shiffer and he cat Chip in a car carrier

Chip is a handsome cat. He has rapidly become a cat celebrity. He appears to be a Scottish Fold, judging by his appearance in this video. The Scottish Fold has been made popular by human celebrities by Taylor Swift. In fact, Swift has promoted the breed very effectively. RELATED: Taylor Swift has 3 cats. …

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Blue Scottish Fold at the front remains calm during Russian shelling

Herych is a blue Scottish Fold and a cat celebrity and fundraiser for the Ukrainian military in the Ukraine war

It is astonishing to see a blue Scottish Fold as part of the Ukrainian army at the front line but Herych (Herald) is acquitting himself extraordinarily well. He is unfazed by the shelling. He turns his head towards the explosions in mild curiosity 😉 according to his human companion. Perhaps he has got used …

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Osteochondrodysplasia is seen in ALL Scottish Fold cats

Osteochondrodysplasia in Scottish Fold cats

Some people might think that the breed standards of the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) prevent registered Scottish Fold cats suffering from osteochondrodysplasia but they don’t. The cat associations says that breeders should always mate a Scottish Fold with a non-Scottish fold cat in order to create a healthy …

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Why does the Scottish Fold Straight exist?

Scottish Fold and Scottish Fold Straight siblings

The Scottish Fold Straight should not exist. It only exists as a by-product of the need to avoid creating horribly unhealthy Scottish Fold cats which have both copies (Fd/Fd) of the gene (Fd) which causes the ear flaps to fold down because of weak cartilage. You’ve probably heard of the Scottish Fold purebred cat. …

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In the UK 38% of cats adopted were purebred pedigree in 2022

Purebred cat versus moggie

Cats Protection ran a survey and reported on 6 April 2023 that “38% of cats acquired in 2022 (600,000 cats) were pedigrees such as Ragdolls or Scottish Folds while 47% (or 750,000 cats) were moggies”. They say that that is the narrowest gap between the adoption of purebred cats and random-bred cats in living …

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Cats with folded ears and flat-faced dogs to be banned in The Netherlands

Flat-faced dogs and cats with folded ears to be banned in NL

This news lightens my heart made heavy by legalised animal abuse. We all know that flat-faced dogs (and cats) and cats with folded ears (the Scottish Fold) are inherently unhealthy. We have known it for a long time. Their existence is a reflection of the attitude that cuteness trumps ill-health. That appearance is more …

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