Scottish Fold de-registered in the UK half a century ago but popular in America and Japan

Picture of Scottish Fold cat with wide open eyes

The Scottish is not registered with the premier cat association in the UK but is accepted and registered in America by their two best-known cat associations, namely The International Cat Association and the Cat Fanciers’ Association. The Scottish Fold hails … please continue reading

British Veterinary Association Say Scottish Fold Breeding Should Stop

Scottish Fold

BBC News: In the news yesterday they presented the argument that the Scottish Fold cat breed should be banned or breeding should be stopped voluntarily. It is very unusual to be watching mainstream BBC news in the daytime and see … please continue reading

Taylor Swift’s Beneficial Relationship with Cats

I think Taylor Swift has been clever is publicising her love of cats. I am sure it has heightened her public profile. It has certainly got her into the online newspapers on numerous occasions. Her relationship with cats is what … please continue reading