Tell Me Why Kitten’s Ears Move Rhythmically When Being Bottle Fed

Some big websites – with knowledgeable writers (?) – have said that this cute kitten’s ears are moving vigorously while he drinks from a bottle because….he is happy (he is Bobby). They are saying it is a sign of contentment but I don’t believe it. I see the ears moving in this rhythmically motion because he is using muscles in his mouth and face which has the effect of stimulating the muscles which move his ear flaps. In short the movement of the ears is in sync with his sucking movements. To say it again: the ear moves are a consequence of his suckling at the bottle. That’s my theory; what is yours? Answers on a postcard please…..

The video comes from 2nd Chance Rescue in Australia (on Facebook) and as is the case for all rescue organisations they’d like donations. The video has been seen 4m times and there have been 91k shares and 11k comments! Wow. I wonder if one of the people who commented agrees with me.

P.S. A foster carer is doing the bottle feeding.

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7 thoughts on “Tell Me Why Kitten’s Ears Move Rhythmically When Being Bottle Fed”

  1. I have four kittens and they all nurse rhythmically and their ears flap rhythmically while nursing on their mother! This does not continue through the whole nursing time but they all do start at the same time and it’s usually towards the end of their nursing. It is so cute! They all start sucking very loudly and quickly and 8 ears start flapping, lol. ????


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