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When You Know Your Cat Trusts You Completely — 5 Comments

  1. Great subject for a long discussion about cats and how it is an earned bond of trust and love between us that breaks the barrier of fear.
    Although we have raised our five Main Coons from birth-I made the mistake of posting some of these kittens for adoption.
    Well-long story___ two of the little girls were taken to a new home. This brought great sadness to myself, the Mother cat & her other babies and to my husband, whom was complaining that we had too many cats, even though he was not and still isn’t their soul caregiver.

    After three days they were returned to us. I feel that they would have ended up on the street, if I hadn’t charged a fee for them and a stipulation attached that they could return them and reclaim their $ if it didn’t work out.

    It’s been 7+ years since that fateful day and I am still cleaning up the mess created by the young women with four kids who had custody of my “Zoe & Callie” for only three days !!! They are afraid of things the others are not and suffer from psychological scarring that will remain as a permanent reminder of “My Big Mistake ”

    So sorry____Eva

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