Thanks to a microchip, cat found injured and 30 miles from home is back with his family

Marley is a handsome black cat from Clitheroe, UK who has already used up a few of his nine lives. In August 2018 he ran away from home after being allowed outside, then he suffered a broken leg after being run over and left to die. Thanks to a microchip, Marley was recently reunited with his family after being found 30 miles from home.

Marley as a kitten then after being found
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Fiona Waring and her son James live on Causeway Croft in Clitheroe. The family had only had Marley about five months and he had only been going outside for a few weeks when he disappeared. Fiona thought it would be all right since Marley had his vaccinations and was microchipped.

Marley usually went outside and stayed close to home. One day in August he went out back and vanished. Fiona did the usual things a cat owner with a missing kitty does. She distributed missing cat posters and used social media in an effort to find her cat.

Then the call came recently from a vet who told her Marley had been found injured. Fiona stated in an interview with Clitheroe Advertiser and Times

“We’re thinking he maybe got into a van or a car that was heading that way, but who would know. He had a new collar on when he was found so he had obviously been looked after.”

Fiona is keeping Marley in a cage until his broken leg heals. She’s really thankful to the person who found Marley and took him to the vet and is in the process of locating the Good Samaritan to personally thank her.

I hope Fiona keeps Marley inside. He obviously has bad luck when left on his own. I’m amazed at how so many cats are being found far from home. Sometimes hundreds of miles away. Microchipping is the best way to give your cat a chance of being reunited with family since most lost cat searches are done in the vicinity of where the cat lives.

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