Scarlet Blake has cat microchip in her chest and identified as a cat despite killing one brutally

Scarlet Blake police mugshot

NEWS AND OPINION: Scarlet Blake had a cat microchip inserted in her chest and identified as a feline. A lot has been written about Scarlet Blake recently particularly by the Mail Online. A lot of rather ugly details have emerged. She’s recently been found guilty at a UK criminal trial for her murder of …

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Compulsory microchipping for cats in the UK on June 10, 2024 written into law

Microchipping cats to be compulsory under the law in the UK

Since yesterday, 13 March 2023, a law has been enacted in the UK which will make micro-chipping of domestic cats compulsory on June 10, 2024. It has been a long time coming. It is said that the government has delivered on a key manifesto pledge. It will make it easier to reunite lost or …

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Is mandatory cat registration the future of cat ownership?

Cat registration

New Zealand and Australia lead the way on discussing and implementing obligatory cat registration through specific legislation. This is because the authorities believe that they have valuable native wild species, normally small mammals and birds, which need protection against predation by indoor/outdoor cats. For example, New Zealand is a country with a low human …

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11 recommendations on scanning a cat for a microchip

Scanning a cat for microchip

Here are 11 recommendations for microchip scanning of domestic, stray and community (feral) cats. The illustration shows a recommended scanning pattern to ensure that the chip is not missed. Alley Cat Allies have a nice quiz on Twitter about scanning for a cat microchip and they ask whether you should scan the sides, between …

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Targeted domestic cat confinement a better solution to protecting wildlife

Outdoor cat caught a mouse

Usually, the discussion about protecting wildlife from predation by domestic cats is binary: either you confine them to the home or you allow them to be free-roaming. A lot of people think domestic cat should be allowed to roam freely in the interests of their cat’s health. People generally prioritise their cat companion’s health …

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If a cat leaves home it isn’t necessarily the fault of their owner

Maddie - photo by Cascade News

We all know that sometimes domestic cats just wander away from their home. Cats get lost but it is not always because they’ve been stuck in a shed or transported away from their home by a van into which they’d climbed. Sometimes they just wander off which tells us that, depending upon the cat’s …

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Homeowner throws away the body of a neighbour’s cat who died in their backyard


We know how indoor/outside cats wander into neighbours’ gardens. They don’t go that far very often. And in this instance an elderly male cat (19) with a female name, Milly, wandered into a neighbour’s garden to sunbathe and died peacefully in the sun. Milly had a good life at his home near Kingsway in …

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