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The Cat With A Head For Heights — 6 Comments

  1. I thought my now 9 year Tomcat ” Matata ” was the rare daredevil cat with a regular habit of climbing onto my kitchen window ledge and staring 5 floors below.This cat in the photo is unbelievable for its sheer beauty and portrayal of cat tendency to admire the World from heights. Picture of cats has a video of my cat ” Matata ” on the house window ledge. Till today he hasn’t slipped and fallen 5 floors below.

  2. I have a fear response to heights. I started to feel dizzy and nauseated and ill way before the nine seconds were through. 🤢 I wonder though, are all cats “immune” to heights? Do cats classifed as “bush dwellers” actually feel nervous when it comes to heights also? 🤔

    • I have a fear of heights nowadays but never did when I was young. We don’t know if all cats are immune to a fear of heights but it is likely. My belief is that all cats, wild or domestic car pretty well fearless when it comes to heights. However, they do get stuck up trees but I don’t think this is due to fear but an inability to navigate down as they can’t grip. They have to go in reverse and some cats find that hard.

  3. This moggie is considered a ‘Tree Dweller’ of which out of my 12 moggies 5 are tree dwellers then ye have ye bush dwellers,those that prefer to hide in bushes,indoor play cat houses.

  4. I can barely look at the photo… I think cats have a respect for height; they know what it is, but their enjoyment of it seems to outweigh any fear. I mean look at that cat! Human babies are born with a fear of heights, even a couple of feet. I think with cats, when they get up past a certain height it’s all the same as far as risk, but it is a better view. They’re very visual.

    One of my cats got stuck up on a neighbor’s roof once and he did have a hard time getting down because he was afraid. The best I could do was put a long plank against the house with carpeting wrapped around it. It was the middle of the night and my neighbor wasn’t cooperative. As for the cat in the photo, I think one would have to be very careful trying to help him, if he needed it. Usually when people try to help a cat in a tough situation, they don’t see it that way and it doesn’t go well. Ideally I would extend a pole with a net beneath him, and put a thick heavy berber carpeting off the balcony that he could get his claws into. Animal control would probably use their ketch-all pole.

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