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  3. Yes they do see us as a mother figure. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Of course it comes with the responsibility of caring for them properly for life. If you consider it that infantile mind set in a housecat might actually play a part in why so many housecats are content with that lifestyle. Their needs are met. Hopefully they are S/N and they are provided mental stimulation through play.

  4. The main reason why cats form a relationship with humans which we see as sociable is because they see us as their proxy mother. We provide food, shelter, protection, and they respond with trust and what we interpret as affection. We are a pretty good substitute for their mother who usually rejects or ignores them after after a certain period of time. In effect they become eternal and dependent kittens. I have a rescued feral kitten who not only kneads but also sucks in my hands as if to get milk. This why adopted feral adults l cats are more difficult to assimilate than kittens. They have gone through the experience of mother rejection and their wild survival instincts have surfaced. When multiple feral cats receive food from humans they revert partially to their kitten to mother instincts and become more tolerant to other “kittens”

    • Thanks for that Harvey. I should have put that in the article because it is correct. I’ll add your comment to the main body of the article as a quote. Hope you and your are well.

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