Maine Coon cat became depressed after the pandemic

Maine Coon depression due to isolation resolved by adopting another Maine Coon cat. But whilst the problem entirely resolved? Domestic cats need the companionship of their human caregiver as well.

There is a story online today about a ginger tabby Maine Coon cat who became depressed when the Covid-19 lockdowns ended. The cat’s name is Mango. He’s male because nearly all ginger tabby domestic cats are males because the coat is sex-linked. He lives in Romania. His owner is Mady Mondan and partner. She …

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Do Siamese cats get along with other cats?

Male Flame point contemporary Siamese from Ukraine

As at the date of this post, the top article as found by Google tells us that Siamese cats get along famously with other cats. This is an incorrect answer. In respect of this aspect of feline behaviour, Siamese cats are no different from any other domestic cat either purebred or random-bred. An individual …

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Can domestic cats try and deceive each other?

Can and do domestic cats deceive each other?

Before answering the question, we have to define the word ‘deceive’. Definition: to deliberately cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, especially for personal gain. I have never seen any cat behaviourists try to work out if domestic cats try to deceive each other. The activity of deception as carried out by …

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10 friendliest cat breeds towards humans

European Burmese bred in Russia

Here is a list of the 10 friendliest cat breeds towards humans. You have to be careful when you make a statement like that. A lot of websites do make this statement but it is difficult to make it with true confidence. There is a lot of subjectivity in assessments of cat breed personalities, …

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Minority of unfriendly shelter cats become more friendly during their stay at the shelter

Cat in shelter

In general terms, a study concluded that 80% of shelter cats were classified as friendly or very friendly on the first assessment while those that were not became more friendly over time. Shelter cats who might be described as grumpy and aggressive become more friendly during their stay at the shelter. So says a …

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Do domestic cats have a hierarchy?

Do domestic cats have a hierarchy when living in groups

You might also ask whether domestic cats have a hierarchy with humans? Some people, even experts, think that domestic cats living in a group do have a hierarchy but it is untrue. I am able to refer to my general knowledge acquired over many years of writing about cats and to a couple of …

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Simplified experiments to check your cat’s social intelligence

Testing domestic cat social cognition

This table comes from the website. I feel the need to reproduce it verbatim in the interests of accuracy. It is a way of testing social intelligence in cats. It has been found that domestic cats are more socially intelligent than once was thought, but sadly they cling to their reputation as social …

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Which cat species are social?

Cat queens mutual support and cooperation

The social cat species are: the lion, the cheetah and the domestic cat including free-living cats. Scientists had thought that lions and cheetahs were the only social cat species but you have to add domestic cats to that select group. Everybody knows about the lion pride. The cheetah is considered a social animal to …

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