The Expanding Purebred Cat MarketPlace

The Expanding Purebred Cat MarketPlace

by Michael
(London, UK)

Commentators call it the fall of the US Empire. The British Empire disappeared long ago, in the 1930s perhaps. It is now the turn of the USA. That is not America bashing – just a fact of life. American is the greatest power in the world, economically and militarily but it is rapidly waning. The US is crippled by debt and that limits what they can do. The US Empire lasted for a much shorter period than the British Empire. That is probably because everything that happens in the world is speeding up.

The purebred cat market place is probably still pretty healthy in the USA however. The average cat breeder runs a hobby business. It makes a bit of money on the side. I doubt if breeders are solely dependent on income from breeding.

I sense though that there is a shift and expansion of the concept of cat breeding to the east, to Asia. I am thinking of India and China. As the USA wanes and nears the end of its world dominance, China is expected to become the biggest economy in 2020. India’s economy is growing rapidly too. There are dangers in rapid growth and the predictions may not come to pass but with greater wealth you are bound to get more people who desire to “own” a fine purebred cat with the resultant expansion of breeding of purebred cats locally.

There are breeders in India (opens a new window). And there is interest in purebred cats in China. I don’t know if there are cat breeders in China. I’ll try and find out.

The cat breeds that you will see in India are the very well established breeds that go back to the beginning of the cat fancy – the Persians and Siamese to name two. I have also seen Russian Blues advertised in India, by the way.

So there is a gradually expansion of the concept of keeping a purebred cat companion in the east and far east. Where once England and the USA were preeminent in the companion cat world we will see a gradual expansion in these Asian countries.

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The Expanding Purebred Cat MarketPlace

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Aug 07, 2011 Expanding Purebred Cat Marketplace
by: Rudolph.a.Furtado

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the encouragement and will write to “T.I.C.A” for starting a “cat Fanciers association in India”.Totally agree with Mr Jo.Singer’s grieviance that a “Hobby Breeder” can never make a profit out of “Cat breeding” as it is very expensive and “Heart -Breaking” at times.I myself bred my cat and realised the risks and lack of profit as a “Hobbyist Breeder”, almost losing my dam matahari in the process. Luckily, finally everything went well and she delivered 6 kittens, “Matata” is one of her healthy off-spring, a comic tom-cat akin to “Garfield”.Hope “T.I.C.A” does start a “cat association” in India in the near future as i find it strange that the same has some-how bypassed India although Thailand ,another Asian country does have a local “cat association” that conducts “Cat Shows”.”Cat Shows” help in upliftment of a breed, encouraging professional and responsible breeding.It also acts as a common platform for “Cat Owners and Fanciers” to personally view, mingle and share their experiences.

Aug 07, 2011 Reputable Purebreed Cat Breeders Don’t Make Money
by: Jo Singer

Hi Michael,

For many years I bred purebreed Russian Blue, Burmese, Oriental and Siamese. I never made a dime profit in all the time I was breeding, although I did sell a lot of beautiful kitten.

The cost of veterinary bills ( many times unexpected for C-section or other issues) along with providing kittens and mom with the best nutritional food, vaccinations, etc, far offset the fees I made from selling kittens.

Reputable breeders who really care about what they are doing rarely show a profit, because they take excellent care of the mothers and kittens giving them everything they need to raise healthy and beautiful kitties. The health and well being of their animals is far more essential than turning a profit.

Just so you know! From the “horse’s mouth” so to speak.

Thanks for your article.

Jo Singer

Aug 07, 2011 Cat Association
by: Michael

Hi Rudolph. I really appreciate you as a contact in India. As you say there are no cat associations in India. So adverts selling purebred cats are not strictly correct by westerns standards because the cats have no formal pedigree. That does not mean of course that the cats are not purebred.

You could argue that purebred cats in the USA or Europe are less purebred than they were 100 years ago despite all the cat associations and breeding programs.

I guess you will have to start a cat association, Rudolph! This is the moment! I have mentioned this before actually.

I suppose TICA (The International Cat Association) could set up an office in India as they are an international cat association. Maybe you should contact TICA and ask?

I don’t think it is that hard managing a cat association. The CFA have all the rules of registration on their website.

The first people to register would have to present evidence of three years of pedigree and you can go from there.

Cat Fanciers of India (CFI)

Indian Cat Fanciers’ Association (ICFA)

Just playing with the idea!

Aug 06, 2011 The Expanding pure-bred cat marketplace.
by: Rudolph.A.furtado

Michael, thanks for crediting me with praise regarding the breeding as well as articles of my cats in Mumbai.
Agreed, India has a huge market for pets, but it mostly concerns pedigree dogs and not “PEDIGREE CATS” since there is no Internationally recognised nor locally recognised “Cat Fancier Organisation” in India.During the peak of the ” Indian Stock market Economic Boom” in 2007 had attended the ” 9th Sieger German Shepherd” dog show on 20/1/2007 at “Andheri Sports ground”in Mumbai.Almost fainted at the prices of some of the fancied “German Shepherd ” dogs at the show along with handlers specially flown from Germany, . The prices of good quality pedigreed German Shepherds ranged from Rs 1 Crore to Rs 1 lakh!(2 lakh U.S Dollars to 2000US Dollars!), with prospective owners from all over India attending the show. Normally, such astronomical prices for animals or pets were reserved only for “Race-Horses” a ultra-rich hobby in India, never dogs , cats or birds.I have been attending “Dog Shows” since 1980’s , my pet dachshund winning numerous prizes also meeting numerous “Dog Breeders/Owners” in the process, including “Old World Indian Royalty”.The Sudden increase and interest in Dog breeding in the 21st century has proprtionall increased along with an increase in millionaires in India city’s. Sadly, although cats of Persian and siameese breeds are expensive and popular pets, there is still no official “Cat show” conducted in any of the metropolitan city’s of India.I find the omission of a “Cat Registry and Cat Shows” in India as very strange and reasons baffling as akin to “Dog Shows”, even “Cat shows” would be a grand importation of a Weatern Concept of “Cat appreciation and valuation”.At present there is no “Purebreed Cat Market” in India for the simple reason that a “CERTIFICATION” society for “Pedigreed Cats” is non-existent. Having a “Cat Certification Society” would discourage the rapid breeding of cats for commercial purposes as well as create a “Breed Standard”.My “Traditional Persian Cats”, although “Pure-Breed” would be in-eligible for any foreign ” cat-Show -Ring” since it does not have any “Pedigreed Certificate” by an “International Cat authority”.
Hope in the near future, a “Pedigreed Cat Certification Society” is set up in India and cat shows organised on a grand scale as are “Dog Shows”.Hope my articles on the subject are not in vain, and honestly, i really miss the fun days during which i attended and exhibited my own dog in Mumbai.Hope i cat attend and participate in a “Cat show” in Mumbai during my life-time.

Aug 06, 2011 CFA has destroyed our pedigreed cats all over the world
by: CFA Cattery Reviews

Did you know: CFA is a cat registry, the largest cat registry in the world, has employees, makes a profit, is a legal corporation and promotes cat breeding worldwide. In promoting cat breeding that creates agony & suffering for the pedigreed cats under the ultimate care of their owners, the CFA registered cat breeders.


There is no doubt about it registered cat breeders have terrible reputations worldwide. The horror stories hit the major cities, nationally and even worldwide. The horror stories of pedigree cat abuse, neglect, cruelty, hoarding & rescuers is beyond belief & comprehension. It truly makes the good cat breeders who are doing the right thing look terribly bad and tarnish all cat breeders as bad. The crimes are done by the very caretakers who is suppose to love and care for them the HERE

The government is really under alot of pressure due to the amount of cruelty done against all animals in general, especially with the new crush videos that are being exposed. Along with Animal Welfare Laws Tighting & local governement under pressure officials may just make CFA and all cat & dog registeries “legally liable” for their own breeders crimes against their cats/dogs..

Cat Fanciers Ass., Inc [CFA] needs to place their money where their mouths is. “If” CFA is against pedigree cat abuse then do something to show the public & your sponsors you are serious about your CFA cat breeders commiting horrific crimes against pedigreed cats. Because if you do not the local officials may just make you, CFA corporation “legally liable” for the crimes your own breeders commit against their own cats.

As it stand right now CFA is getting away with murder. How? When one of CFA paid registered cat breeders commit a crime against their own cats, CFA places their name on a meaningless list and wrings their hands and says, “that breeder is banned from CFA privileged services”. That is too easy for you CFA. You need to stand up to the plate and come up with very serious consequences for your CFA breeders harming our pedigree cats that God made. God made these cats to love not to harm like so many of your CFA breeders have done.

The reprehensible behaviors of CFA registered breeders will cause a spectacular fall from grace of everyone directly involved with the CFA, including sponsors. Perhaps the time has arrived where CFA needs to re-examine their procedures & consider getting Legal Liability Insurance protecting CFA against their own CFA registered breeders commiting crimes against pedigreed cats.

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