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Morrissey with his cat

6 signs that your cat loves you

Intro: If you are a good cat caregiver and you love your cat, you do not need signs that tell you that your cat loves you (based on science)! You just know it. But...

Cat interacting with owner

Does your cat like you quiz?

This is a “Does your cat like you quiz!” You can make of it what you want. It can’t be 100% guaranteed to tell you whether your cat likes you or not. All it...

Rescue cat loved greatly

4 reasons our cats love us

1. Mutuality Mutuality is the sharing of feelings and action in a relationship between two or more parties. Love between two people is based on mutuality. The first reason why your cat loves you...

Cat friendship

Do cats fancy each other?

The question is, do cats take a fancy to each other just like people? I think the short answer is that they don’t although we would like to believe that they do. But the...

Cat cares about human caretaker

Do cats really care about humans?

We are referring to domestic cats no doubt. What does the phrase ‘care about’ mean? To ‘care for’ someone would apply to a cat owner looking after their house cat. But the question asks...

Cat Love

Do cats know when you’re crying?

Do cats know when you’re crying? Well we know that dogs know when you’re crying because of a recent study which I touch on below. We also know in an earlier study that cats...

Love Actually. Two Cats.

Love Actually. Two Cats.

This cat photograph is straight out of one of the great romance movies. I am thinking of Brief Encounter. It is in the eye contact and placing the paw up to his face. I’ll...

Do cats follow their owners?

Do cats follow their owners?

Do cats follow their owners? Often, yes and particularly when there is a very close relationship between cat and owner and under certain circumstances such as at meal time.

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