Man thinks his affectionate cat is vicious during lockdown (video)

Man thinks his loving cat is vicious

Reading the about the thoughts of this man I am led to believe that he is either mad or stupid (it’s the latter). Either way it is patently obvious that his black cat, Ringo, is very loving towards him. He does not deserve it. Perhaps the BBC who have published the story are cynically …

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Guy sets his alarm 30 minutes early to allow his cat time to cuddle him on his chest

Beautiful cat cuddle

Like many domestic cats, this guy’s cat learned that when his alarm went off to wake him up, his cat would jump onto his chest and snuggle down. Cats get into a routine like that. In an act of generosity that reflects how an excellent human-to-cat relationship should be, the guy sets his alarm …

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My cat died in my bedroom while I was still asleep and I feel guilty because I might have heard her die

Cat lies next to man

I wonder how many cat owners have been through the experience described in the title. It must be very rare. And the person shouldn’t feel guilty. If anything he or she should feel blessed that their cat came to their room and died in their presence. It’s a sign of affection. Indeed of love. …

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