There Is No Such Surgery As Declawing

Declawing does not exist! There is no way to remove a cat’s claws, because each claw is embedded in bone. We should call it what it is: deboning, detoeing or defingering. Any of those terms describe the amputation of each last phalanx of a cat’s paws. Yet we call it declawing!

The operation called declawing is amputations not declawing

Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra

The person who invented the surgery decades ago and named it declawing is responsible for the suffering of thousands if not millions, of cats.

The following experiments are excerpts from this article by Jean Hofve DVM:

  • In this experiment, Japanese researchers declawed all four paws of 14 “laboratory kittens” by ligation—tying a very tight suture around the last joint of each toe to stop blood flow and kill the tissue. It took 2 weeks for the claws and attached bones to fall off. Ligation (a common method of castration of farm animals such as piglets) is known to be extremely painful (Kokue E, Nagano K. Declawing the laboratory kitten by ligation. Jikken Dobutsu. 1973 Apr;22(2):149-50.).
  • A veterinarian declawed four litters (total 12 kittens) from 2 to 5 days old, with no anesthesia and no pain control. He said, “Those declawed at 5 days of age were a little more active and difficult to restrain.” Claw regrowth occurred in the first litter 2 years later (Staples GE. Declawing neonatal kittens. Vet Med Small Anim Clin. 1978 Jul;73(7):895-6).
  • Seventy kittens, 3-10 days old, were used for this experiment. All the kittens in one litter, declawed at one day of age, were killed and eaten by their mother the same night; the authors suggested that cats should be watched more closely, and kittens not declawed until age 3 days to prevent similar incidents (Sis RF, Herron MA. Onychectomy of the newborn kitten. Fel Med Surg. 1971 Nov-Dec;31-33.).

All those kittens tortured in cruel experiments!

The mother cat of the litter declawed at one day old must have been out of her mind with distress over her mutilated babies, she knew that a cat’s life without claws was very wrong!

I wish all those people who think declawing a cat is acceptable could know how many kittens and cats have suffered to ‘perfect’ declawing for the sake of their precious furniture, because that is the number one reason why most people have their cat declawed.


While researching for more information about the declawing of dogs, which does happen but very rarely, I was stunned to read how many people think dogs suffer more than cats. Some of the comments:

  • Declawing isn’t for dogs, it’s for cats, it doesn’t hurt them like it would hurt dogs.
  • Declaw a dog? never, that would be so cruel.
  • Dogs don’t need declawing they don’t scratch the furniture.

Well I have news for those ignorant people:

  • Declawing DOES hurt cats as much as it would dogs.
  • Declawing is equally as cruel as it would be declawing dogs.
  • Dogs don’t need declawing is quite correct but cats don’t need declawing either! They don’t scratch the revered furniture if they are provided with a scratching post.

Declawing is cruel surgery, too many cats have suffered/are suffering.


Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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There Is No Such Surgery As Declawing — 36 Comments

  1. The truth hurts and your article is nothing but the truth. Every time I read about de-boning I hurt so much for all the cats and kittens that have been tortured for decades.

  2. Wow Ruth! I believe out of all the posters you have done, this is my most favorite because it puts the reality into declawing. This shows those who ‘don’t get it’ what actually happens.

    • Thanks Tina, it’s just a matter of keeping on trying to show how cruel declawing is and hoping one of my posters will convince someone pro declaw how wrong they are.

  3. Absolutely one of the worst and most cruel things to do! I wish this could be banned and made illegal. If you are truly a cat lover, you would not even consider doing this! I hate thinking about it.

    • It will be banned one day! Just not soon enough to save countless more cats and kittens suffering before that day comes 🙁

  4. Ruth, excellent article as always.

    I think that the word “surgery” should be changed to “butchery”. Declaw Butchery is far more effective and descriptive, don’t you think?

  5. I can’t bear to think about those tiny kittens maimed and robbed of tiny toes and their poor mother driven to the extremes of killing and eating them to protect them, I don’t know if my urge to sit and cry at the horror of it or to kill the perpetrators of the crime is the strongest, but I suspect it’s the second option. Declawing is not “for” any animal it’s disgustingly cruel, why would anyone even think of doing it let alone want to mess about with tiny kittens cutting them up and tying ligatures around their toe ends, what do they say when they go home from work at night “Oh honey I was so busy today experimenting on one day old kittens, how to rive those nasty claws from them and then the pesky momma cat went and ate them, pour me a stiff drink will ya” I detest people who abuse animals and this is serious abuse and should be stopped by any means possible. Great article and poster Ruth.

    • I really can’t fault the momma cat for what she did. She must have been beside herself hearing her babies wailing in pain and just wanting to stop their suffering.

      • Exactly Dee, it doesn’t bear thinking about the anguish she must have felt, and she also was a prisoner in that same lab.

        • The horror of those experiments have stuck in my mind since I first read Jean’s article, it’s horrible but I’ve shared it as people need to know just how much suffering that cruel surgery caused and is still causing to kittens and cats.

  6. What is it about dog people that makes them unable to empathize a cat. I think most cat people would not consider a dog immune to something which to cat is torture.

    What is it about people – they are just stupid idiots.

    Kittens that are ONE DAY old – or THREE DAYS old!!

    The more I read this kind of thing the more I have an absolute disgust towards many scientists and doctors. The ones who chose to ignore certain things in the name of their research. I hate them. Science promotes the ultimate and most perverted kinds of objectivity. They literally treat the kittens like objects. They deserve to suffer immeasurably and yet society pats them on the back and pays them very well to torture.
    They probably actually, many of them, feel like they are very good people doing good things for humanity, saving lives etc etc bla bla bla. Well f*** off and torture innocent babies on some other planet you sick f***s. Perhaps we should wait a few more years for successful results that don’t involve torturing babies.

    It’s really no wonder that animal activism has become so heavy and so serious. It’s not the activists who started the ‘heavy behaviour’, it’s the heartless ass hole scientists who torture newborn babies that started the impossibly heavy behaviour. The extreme nature of animal activism is just a reflection and direct consequence of the evil hyper objective nature of scientific research. They complain about the extremism when they should realize they are looking directly into the mirror. But they won’t because they have perfected ignorance and perverse rationale into an art, a way of life. And still everybody pats the doctors on the back and give them raises and special treatment for being the saviours of humans.

    In the end many humans just don’t seem to realize that we need the other animals and plants to survive. Humans are so short sighted they behave as if there is no consequence their actions. “Screw the cats and animals” they say, “there are actual people who need help”. But the end result of that is no animals or humans. You can’t “screw the animals” for the sake of the humans. The only way for life to continue here in the long term involves working to never let anyone get screwed.

    If only we could use the selfish nature of humans in a positive way. If people realized they need other living things to be healthy then they could selfishly care about other living things because ultimately they care about themselves. But humans are often not clever enough to make the longer term connection or see the bigger picture, so harnessing that narcissistic selfish energy is still a few steps away.

    • Too many people are either too ignorant or too selfish to care about the way this world is going and what they are doing to animals. Soon it will be too late and there isn’t enough of us who realise that!

    • I agree,its a sad world that we live in when Scientists/Drs test on young kittens/puppy’s or other animals all in the name science. Its disgusting and total Cruelty i believe.

      I remember reading that some University in UK tested animals it breaks my heart, every day on Facebook i read of total cruelty its sickening what some humans do while still smiling. That sad life of one kitten, not even making it to being a proper cat. No animal should ever be declawed its just cruel and wrong.

      It often makes me think, how would they like it if roles were reversed? I do tend to think, there be no animals left one day. Which is why we need to stand up and protect them before theres no animals or life left.

      • I know exactly how you feel Kylee, the cruelty to animals day after day breaks my heart too, every way we turn they are being used and abused.
        We who care have no choice but to look and to try to do something to help those animals, it’s very hard but if we turned away like so many people do, there would be no one to help them.

        • Yea i never used to be such a strong adovate for cats, but though my experience of having depression etc it made me love them more and want to protect them more. Sometimes just reading what some people worldwide do to any animal does my head in so much. Yea its just so heart-breaking, along with having to deal with normal things in life if there is anything like that.

  7. Excellent illustration of a horrible and crippling operation done on cats for the pleasure of their human owners.My solution to cat owners is simple, take another animal as a pet if you do not like a cat behaving like a cat.

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