Three ways to let your cat companion chill you out

Here are three ways that your cat companion can chill you out. The cat has to be a lap cat and not all are.


The first way is to be in bed, sitting up with your cat on your lap. You are warm and normally your day’s work has been done. Your cat starts to wash herself. Close your eyes. Stop anything else that you are doing and simply feel your cat rocking backwards and forwards, moving gently and grooming herself. It’s a very gentle feeling and my cat is doing it right now. Just let your cat keep on doing it until she wants to stop and then you go back to what you are doing initially. You’ll want her to continue because it is like gentle massage plus companionship.

How to let your cat chill you out
How to let your cat chill you out. Picture in public domain.
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The second thing you can do to allow your cat to chill you out is to groom her using a flea comb when she is on your lap. If you do this very gently from her cheeks down the side of her neck, along the back of her neck, on her forehead and on her chin, she will accept it and you will enjoy it. It is another way to slow down. If your cat has fleas the comb will catch them but it will also stop you enjoying the process. Grooming with a flea comb can only be a chilling process for you and your cat if there are no fleas! As soon as there are fleas you have to kill them once you have combed them out which is not that pleasant. My cat has no fleas.

The flea comb chiller depends on the cat. My cats have always loved it but not all cats will be compliant – most will. The combing must be slow, gentle and precise.


The third way to let your cat chill you out is to be in bed or in a comfortable chair either on your computer reading or reading a book for instance. Your cat joins you either on your lap or on your arm. She reaches out her paw as a request to touch your hand. You reach out your hand to touch her paw. The must be a touch. You should be still and do nothing but read what you’re reading or close your eyes and just sit still. If you have a free hand you might stroke her very gently down the back of her neck or on her forehead. Do not stroke anywhere which will excite her as you want to keep everything calm and gentle.

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