Time Lapse Photo Sequences Shows Four Beautiful Kittens Being Abandoned and Then Rescued

Woman abandoning kittens allegedly

Woman abandoning kittens, allegedly

I found these videos, which are actually time lapse images (photos taken at intervals), interesting because they show the person allegedly abandoning four very sweet kittens in a large box and then a brother and sister rescuing them.

The abandonment of the nine-week-old kittens – three calico and one black – was carried out in broad daylight as if the woman was making a delivery to the doorstep of what appears to be a block of flats (a condominium of apartments). The location is Stratford, London, UK. This is where the Olympic park is.

Then a brother and sister come out of the block of flats and cannot avoid seeing the large box. They notice that it is ‘moving’ or there are signs that something alive is inside the box. The sister opens it and inspects inside. She picks up one of the kittens up and then takes the box up to their apartment for safety.

One of the four abandoned kittens - so pretty

One of the four abandoned kittens – so pretty

They called a well-known cat rescue organisation: Celia Hammond Animal Trust (CHAT) who took them in. CHAT made the point that it is a crime in the UK to abandon an animal. As the alleged perpetrator has been filmed I’d be interested to know if the police are interested in investigating this case.

It is almost certain that the women we see lives very close by. It should not be difficult to trace her.

Source: newhamrecorder.co.uk

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  1. ed young says:

    im so glad they were picked up so soon. i hope they found good forever homes.

  2. Diane Ricciardi Stewart says:

    GRRRRRRR. . . I hope that imbecile is caught and prosecuted!!!!!!!!!!!!

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