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Toby the cat: What made the heartbreaking story of this NC shelter cat ‘go viral’? — 2 Comments

  1. God bless them. About a month ago I became an owner of a cat somebody was going to euthanize. I saw a desperate plea on Facebook from a guy whose neighbors were moving, and intended to have their two cats euthanized because the monsters couldn’t take them with them. He intervened, but could only save one, and was desperately looking for someone to take the other. I in turn pleaded for someone to step forward, and they did. But before I could get the new cat to this responsible lady, she fell and shattered her knee cap, so she could not take him. I decided he didn’t deserve to be shuttled around anymore, and he’s sitting on my bed right now. However, I have not told my friends because they feel I have too many cats as it is, six. Ah, life…

  2. I am so happy that Toby found his forever home. To answer your question, when I read your previous story about him, it was actually both reasons that broke my heart. Toby walked so far back to his old home, only to be given a death sentence. Double whammy. How could anyone do this? No compassion whatsoever. Blessings for a long, happy and healthy life in your new home, Toby. 💜💜💜

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