by Jennifer Desaulniers

Such Personality!!

Such Personality!!

My mother was looking for a cat, and found a cute little orange and white kitten that she fell in love with at first sight. At the time my mother had a 2 year old rat terrier named Benji at home. When my mother brought the kitten home, he stood his ground firmly with Benji and quickly asserted himself as the "king of the jungle" around the house, appropriatley naming him "TOUGHY".

He has been a wonderful part of the household now for 7 years now. He is very intelligent and VERY vocal about his needs and wants. I was watching a show named 'cat 101' and came to the realization that Toughy looked exactly like a Maine Coon, complete the the "M" above his brow. This is Toughy.


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Sep 16, 2009 Toughy....
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Some kittens are just like that - they walk into their new home and are not intimidated by anything or anybody. And if you already have another cat (or dog), that's the one to get scared by this new monster.
Your Toughy is a real fine cat and I'm not surprised that he's intelligent too. The cleverest cat we ever had was the same colours, so maybe I'm a bit biased in favour of orange and white tabbys... 😉

Sep 15, 2009 Orange tabby and white
by: Anonymous

Yes, Toughy looks fantastic and I love the way he stood his ground. He does look Maine Coon. And people say the tabby and white Maine Coons look the best. I think orange is a great colour too.

Thanks for sharing Jennifer.

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