Veterinarian removed healthy teeth of declawed cat because of biting

It is difficult to image a more shocking and callous example of legalised cat cruelty by a veterinarian in league with the cat’s owner. Shocking. You don’t have to be an animal advocate to see the cruelty and thoughtlessness of the behaviour of this vet and cat owner.

Zoe was declawed. That unfortunately is quite common. In reaction to the declawing which caused him pain his behaviour changed. His reaction to the pain, which was probably permanent, was to start biting. So guess what? His owner decided to remove his healthy teeth as well!

The owner must have asked the vet, who was probably the same vet who did the declawing, to remove his teeth! And he agreed! How can this happen? Compounding one act of cat cruelty with another.

The story is published on the Facebook page of The Paw Project. We don’t know the name of the veterinarian. We should and he should be criticised at least and banned at best (no chance of course – I’m dreaming). In my opinion, he or she is unsuited to the job of veterinarian.

Lori Weiland (a commenter on FB): ‘The vet responsible should lose his or her license for causing unnecessary pain and suffering’

Anne Marie (another commenter on FB): ‘My niece’s vet did the exact same thing to a cat and then told her she had put the cat in a barn. I think she euthanized the cat. My niece STILL couldn’t understand why declawing is so cruel. Actually, she moved ALL the poor kitty, teeth.’

Zoe has found some friends who actually care for his health and welfare unlike the owner and the veterinarian. The Paw Project are working with The Paw Project’s vet in Utah, Dr Doub, to evaluate Zoe with the intention of getting him out of pain.

They can’t touch him at all at the moment. Horrendous. He’s in too much pain and is untouchable. Imagine that. Imagine being the owner who did this to him.

Zoe is in good hands and they are taking great care to ease the pain with medication and he is sedated.

The Paw Project say they are horrified that this veterinarian failed to educate the owner as to why Zoe was in pain and therefore aggressive. If they had done so perhaps the vet might have considered removing the cause of the pain which might have been shards of bone left in his paws. The vet would likely be unskilled in the task of removing the shards (if that is the problem) but he could have referred the case to The Paw Project. They have declaw repair doctors. Yep, there are some veterinarians (not many) who specialise in repairing the botched surgery of other vets who shouldn’t be vets. Damn these people. This is criminal but no one’s being prosecuted.

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Veterinarian removed healthy teeth of declawed cat because of biting — 13 Comments

  1. Both the owner and the vet need to be in prison for years for the suffering caused to this poor baby. I guess the owner really hated this cat to do these atrocities. I hope poor Zoe can recover to some type of a healthy life.


    I was able to contact The Paw Project – Utah on Facebook. They were kind enough to reply.

    “Hi there! Zoe is in the care of Whiskers, a non profit here in Utah. Jessica Vigos is caring for Zoe personally. Zoe does not need paw surgery (no p3 fragments), but with some love and TLC is really turning out to be a fabulous cat! We have been doing laser treatments every 2-3 weeks and no sedation needed!!!”

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  3. That POS vet didn’t care how much pain and suffering he caused. He is only interested in money. Glad I won’t be in his shoes on Judgement Day. 🤬

  4. This is absolutely criminal to my way of thinking. Poor Zoe. Praying that the cause of his pain can be rectified so he can go on to live a peaceful life, at best.😰💜💜

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