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Veterinarian removed healthy teeth of declawed cat because of biting — 13 Comments

  1. Both the owner and the vet need to be in prison for years for the suffering caused to this poor baby. I guess the owner really hated this cat to do these atrocities. I hope poor Zoe can recover to some type of a healthy life.


    I was able to contact The Paw Project – Utah on Facebook. They were kind enough to reply.

    “Hi there! Zoe is in the care of Whiskers, a non profit here in Utah. Jessica Vigos is caring for Zoe personally. Zoe does not need paw surgery (no p3 fragments), but with some love and TLC is really turning out to be a fabulous cat! We have been doing laser treatments every 2-3 weeks and no sedation needed!!!”

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  3. That POS vet didn’t care how much pain and suffering he caused. He is only interested in money. Glad I won’t be in his shoes on Judgement Day. 🤬

  4. This is absolutely criminal to my way of thinking. Poor Zoe. Praying that the cause of his pain can be rectified so he can go on to live a peaceful life, at best.😰💜💜

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