Veterinarian’s cat café shutdown over allegations of cat cruelty

A cat café in Bangkok was run by a veterinarian who appears to have been an amateur cat breeder as well. He was trying to breed a cat called the “tiny Sphynx”. Perhaps he was trying to breed a dwarf or miniature Sphynx cat.

Bangkok cat cafe closed with allegations of cat cruelty
Bangkok cat cafe closed with allegations of cat cruelty. Photo taken from @Talinseree Facebook page
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The report comes from the Bangkok Post. Thirty-eight cats were rescued from this once popular cat café which doubled up as a pet hotel in downtown Bangkok. The owner has been arrested having been accused of animal cruelty.

Cat loving volunteers networked on social media and successfully rescued the cats from the facility.

The problem was exposed by a former staff member on April 12. It appears that the facility was closed with the cats inside. They were in poor condition and, shockingly, there were cat carcasses in a refrigerator inside the venue.

The police are investigating and have inspected the cat café. This appears not to be the first time that there have been cat welfare issues at a cat café in Bangkok, Thailand.

In October 2017 I wrote about a man whose name is Jonathan Tan who first opened a cat cafe in Singapore and broke several animal welfare laws there and then moved his business to Thailand and found himself in trouble again.


Perhaps people think that they can make a fast buck from a cat café but it is not that easy. One of the hardest parts of this businesses is ensuring that the cats are well cared for and content in what must be a potentially difficult environment for them. Lots of strangers coming and going and no outside time. Where do the cats go at the end of the day?

P.S. Thailand is the home of the Siamese cat.

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