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“Violets” British Shorthairs in South Africa — 9 Comments

  1. Hi There,

    I am desperately looking for a silver tabby british shorthair kitten.
    I reside in Cape Town cant seem to find a breeder.
    If you could please assist me via email if you have some assistance as me.

    Regards Talissa

    • Difficult because South Africa is not a great place to find purebred cats (as far as I know). I doubt whether there is a Brit SH breeder South Africa. There was (or is?) one: Feline Magic. Anyway you may have to buy from a breeder abroad (UK would be a good start) who agrees to ship to South Africa. Some breeders do this. Good luck.

      The cat fancy is still a Western thing.

  2. Hi

    I am trying to find a breeder of British Shorthairs in Cape Town, I see there are many comments above with the same question. Does anyone know of one? I would love a kitten from someone reputable.



  3. Hi,

    I am desperately looking for a silver tabby british shorthair kitten. (Preferable a female) is anybody knows of a expected litter, please let me know. My email adress is nicola.durandt@gmail.com. Only looking for a respectable breeders.


  4. Hi there, I am desperately seeking a Blue British Shorthair kitten. However, I am battling to find breeders. Could anyone get me in touch with someone who has/ is expecting a litter? I am desperately seeking a kitten from a reputable, registered breeder. Thanks so much!My husband and I live in Panorma Cape Town. My second e-mail is margem@aadtrucks.co.za

  5. Hi, I got your name from Philippa. She said that you may possibly still be breeding with British Shorthairs, in the PE area. Do you have any kittens at this stage or will you have any soon that you would consider us as a suitable family,for. Could you mail me a telephone number so I could call you. Thanks Julie

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