Why are British Shorthairs indoor cats?

British Shorthair - an indoor cat

British Shorthair cats are purebred, pedigree cats when registered with a cat association. They have a distinctive appearance indicating that they are purebred. The most popular colour is blue which is a diluted black and these cats often have copper eyes. It is a distinctive and glamorous look. You won’t see a blue British …

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What colour are British Shorthair cats?

British Shorthair TYBA

British Shorthair cats are shown in all colours and all divisions of the traditional category. The traditional colours are black, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac, fawn, red, cream and white. In the pointed category there is seal, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac, fawn, red and cream pointing and under the sepia and mink colour banner there …

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Persian cats introduced polycystic kidney disease into British Shorthair cats

Brit SH kittens

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is the most common inherited disorder in cats according to a 2015 study. It is present in British Shorthair cats. Both the Persian and the British Shorthair carry the same genetic mutation causing the disease. It is an autosomal dominant mutation in exon 29 of the polycystin-1 gene. So how …

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Pictures of cats: extreme blue British Shorthair

Russian? blue British Shorthair bred to extreme

I’ve picked out three pictures of blue British Shorthair cats which I consider to be bred to an extreme level (I added a fourth). I think it’s instructive to have a look at these pictures of cats. The first one you might describe as monstrous. It is definitely a cat but is nothing like …

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Pictures of cats: cinnamon British Shorthair

Cinnamon British shorthair

I should publish some pictures of cats from time to time because that is the name of the website. The reason why it is the name is because when the site was started “pictures of cats” was the top keyword in the world of cats. It propelled this website to the great top of …

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Picture of grey tabby British Shorthair on a leash in the snow

Tabby British Shorthair on leash in snow

This is a picture which caught my eye because it is quite rare to see a domestic cat on a leash in any case, but when that cat is a purebred British Shorthair and there is snow on the ground, it makes for a fairly unique picture. The only practical way that a person …

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What type of cat is the Whiskas cat?

Whiskas cat

The Whiskas cat 2020, judging by the latest videos on YouTube, is likely to be a purebred American or British Shorthair. Although of these two the appearance is more like the American Shorthair which has a standard looking body and head shape. What makes the Wiskas cat different to most random bred cats is …

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