Warning to rescues: Florida dogs were picked up from foster showing signs of neglect and abuse

There are two sides to every story. The photos of five dogs who were placed in foster care in the Milton, Florida area by a rescue and later picked up in horrific condition don’t easily lie. While this is a ‘dog story,’ it also shows the need for those in rescue to keep close tabs on the people who foster under them because things can and do go wrong in a hurry.

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Animal advocate Patricia Kruger with the Mylo Foundation posted her story this week on Facebook.

“I had to pick up several of my dogs from one of my main fosters this week. They were severely neglected and are showing signs of abuse. When I found them in this condition I was in shock. I did not know or understand how someone I trusted so fully could do this.

After I got past the initial shock I had to decide what to do next. Everything in me really just wanted to take my dogs, love them until they were better and then go on. But I kept thinking about the dogs who might come after them and so.

I told my story. It’s a story that does not need many words. The condition of the dogs themselves speaks very clearly. Yet, to my amazement, some looked at them and defended her. Some even went on the attack, spreading any lie they could think of, declaring to me, “they will win.”

But the truth is, no one wins here today. A dog was hurt, a dog was starved, a dog was abused. And for that, we all lose. And it really breaks my heart. So, to any of you who want to fight or distort or try to minimize the suffering of these dogs in ANY way…. I say, take your bullshit elsewhere. I’ve told the story. If you’re still comfortable with this foster “caring” for you dog, then it becomes your responsibility.

BO and Eddy and Mitzi and Abby and Cam are going forward. And I can guarantee they will never be hurt by her or her family again.”

The foster has been reported to the sheriff, to local rescues, and to the animal shelter as to the abuse these poor dogs suffered. I’m not posting her name but it’s available on Patricia’s Facebook page.

Readers are welcome to defend the woman or to criticize her. I don’t post names until an arrest is made and I have verification by either news media or a police blotter.

The purpose of this article is to caution anyone who places their pets under the care of someone they trust should still do periodic checks to ensure the animals are doing well.

Unfortunately, now these dogs are in need of a new foster. If you can foster (or adopt) one of them (all supplies will be provided by The Mylo Foundation if you choose to foster), please email Trish at themylofoundation@gmail.com.

Be sure to share this article with dog advocates in the Milton, Florida area. The application for fostering or adoption can be found here.

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8 thoughts on “Warning to rescues: Florida dogs were picked up from foster showing signs of neglect and abuse”

    • From what I understand they were in foster care about 3 months. It’s up to the rescue to check on animals. A lot of rescues don’t. This has happened in the cat rescue world as well. Julianne Westberrry is a classic example. When everyone trusts the foster home inspections are put on the back burner.

      • A good friend describing someone caring for her horses. The best people will do the damndest things.
        The foster has a lot to answer for but in this case so does the rescue. Not legally but I hope they reexamine their follow up procedures.

    • She has been a foster for over two years. In the past 3 months, she began exhibiting troubling signs. In May we found out she wss getting unauthorized drugs from the vet account. This is when she began declining.

  1. A few people posted who it was and a link to her Facebook page but the posts were taken down. I know who it is but I won’t name names without a media link or a police blotter arrest. It’s too risky. That’s not to say someone can’t come on here and comment and name her.

  2. Really bothers me that person who ORIGINALLY posted won’t name, so others can protect thier rescues…sick of it!!

  3. Absolutely disgusting. This person was entrusted with the care and wellbeing of these dogs and the person failed big time. No excuses admit your guilt. Glad these dogs will be safe from evil people.


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