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Cat rescuer who thinks it best to euthanize feral cats rather than TNR them — 26 Comments

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  4. I think I want a franchise of that shelter in Florida, too many cat hoarding old ladys down here, cats always spraying on my cars and porch, I’d trap them myself and bring them in.

  5. I believe there is something very sinister & warped in the mind of someone who brands themselves as a cat rescuer but actually spends most of their time and resources on having the cats killed, especially when she does not have the funds to care properly for her own companion animals. The numbers of cats killed is shockingly high.

    I believe that people of the same beliefs as her have no place near any animal. I believe they are obsessed with the destruction of cats and their argument about protecting cat’s prey species is totally fallacious. I wonder how many subscriptions she has paid to songbird related organisations?

    I think that we need to have education about humane animal management on the curriculum of all schools, for all children, in every single country of the world. Trying to stop the tide of senseless killing, abuse, neglect & outright cruelty is impossible without it

    Big respect to ALL who support or are involved in TNR – it is the only way to humanely “deal” with feral cats.

  6. Why stop there? What about babies who have been removed from their parents? Wouldn’t it be kinder to just kill them outright rather than make them suffer in foster homes? OBVIOUSLY I AM NOT SERIOUS HERE. I hope St. Francis is waiting for this woman when she dies and also that she has flameproof underwear….she’ll need it!

  7. One thing I never see addressed about TNR is the effect on wildlife that is not directly killed by cats. Raccoons, foxes, birds of prey, and many other animals depend on the prey that is diminished by unnaturally large communities of food subsidized mesopredators. Don’t the lives of these animals matter or should we just ignore their suffering because we favor cats? I love my cats and I can’t stand people who simply hate cats or don’t respect their lives, but I can’t justify elevating cat lives above all other animals just because of my emotions. Sometimes it seems that all I ever hear from TNR advocates are excuses, biased justifications and refusal to admit the slightest problem with that approach. I have no doubt that some feral cats have decent lives but I have a friend who lives near a large colony of barn cats and she often sees horrible suffering that she has no resources to deal with other than the gut-wrenching method of euthanasia with a shotgun. I think more effort should be put into finding ways to unequivocally reduce feral cat numbers. There will be tragedies for animals, seen and unseen, no matter what is done.

  8. She has assigned herself the task as a cat extermination service disguised as a rescue. 28 adoptions in 2 years. 300+ killed per year. How is that rescuing? Her priority is birds and wildlife and she is affiliated with bird conservation. And they love to blame cats as the reason for all bird deaths even though humans are the biggest contributor to habitat loss, poisoning, and dont’ forget trauma deaths. Windows kill more birds every year than anything else. If there is a cat outside their philosophy is that the cat is better off dead than suffering outside – regardless if it is actually suffering. They will say all the cats they kill are suffering and show horrible sick cat pictures. I’m sure some of them should be euthanized because they were indeed suffering but I also believe she is euthanizing cats that are doing just fine outside.

    • Yes, thanks Jennifer. As I said in the article she should not decide on euthanasia on the basis of trying to protect the cat’s natural prey. This is a false premise for a cat rescuer.

  9. What if my fur baby got out by mistake and she trapped it and killed it,how does she have the right to decide.thats straight murder.it is a living life.

  10. The video…..

    [Note from Admin: many thanks for linking to the video. I have deleted the link because it does not work properly. I did not embed the link in the article because far too often videos go dead because they are pulled. It just creates site management problems. Thanks for trying.]

  11. To put it bluntly she seems like an evil b****!! I think the world is tired of people like her what do you say we euthanize her ?

    • 🙂 She is definitely out of step with best modern practice. I think she genuinely believes that she is doing the right thing but she misses some important points.

  12. Remove feral cats only creates the vacuum effect – that generally results in an increased number of feral cats in the area that was cleared. The only way to really remove ferals is to remove the resource that attracts them into the area. Maintaining a colony of neutered ferals deters others from moving into the area.

    This woman evidently does not have a clue about feral cat behaviour or how to reduce the numbers.

    • Here is glaring proof of how, as cat-hoarders so often an……

      The rest is deleted because of its aggressive tone. If you want to write a comment do so politely and make your point succintly. I don’t want a nasty diatribe of verbal cr*p… (Admin)

      • I can’t accept the nasty aggressive tone of your comment so it has been deleted except for the opening words. I accept counterargument but hostility and nastiness. You are an unpleasant person. Stay away.

    • I have deleted the reply by the troll to your comment. It was way too aggressive and it was almost certainly Woodsman001.

    • Exactly, Sarah.
      This woman’s mindset is PETA all the way.
      If anyone has noticed, PETA isn’t in any limelight anymore. They are, fast, falling out of grace with their radical rantings.

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