‘Watch dog’ sleeps through fire in family home; rescue cat credited with saving couple

A rescue cat is credited with saving a Newfoundland couple after he woke the family during a fire that started in a crock pot. The family ‘watch dog’ slept right through.

hero cat
Joey alerted family to a kitchen fire (Scott White)
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Joey is a two-and-a-half-year-old black rescue cat from Toronta adopted by Scott White. Early Sunday morning he and his fiance, Ashika Iqbal, were awaked in their house in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s by a very distressed cat. Scott described during an interview with Toronto Sun how things went down.

It was about 4:30 in the morning and for Joey to be trying to wake us up is unusual. We’ve had him for two and half years and this was the first time. Like he was pacing back and forth on the bed. He was standing on my chest. He had his paw on my cheek, desperately trying to wake me up.

After putting on some onions in the slow cooker to make jam, Scott says he went to bed around midnight, according to Huff Post. He’s thankful the family cat was watching out for the family.

Scott said that he could smell the burning dinner from the kitchen as soon as Joey got him awake. A slow cooker had caught on fire and a haze was in the air. Scott was able to get the smoke out of the kitchen by turning on the stove ventilation.

heroic black cat
Joey even received a “hero basket” from the community (Scott White)

The family dog, Weston, usually barks loudly whenever someone comes to the door but that morning the 10-month-old mutter slept right through it. He (Weston) and Ashika were in bed together and the two of them slept through it. As for Weston and his guard dog ability…

“The dog was always in the window growling at people, so we thought he’d be a good watchdog.

As word got around, Joey was given a hero basket by the locals who heard about his heroic act.

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