What A Cuttie!!

What A Cuttie!!

by Jennifer Desaulniers

Ceasar at his finest!!

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Ceasar at his finest!!

Hello everyone, Jen Desaulniers here. I wanted to share with you the newest member of our family--Ceasar. While he may not be a pure bred, he definitely has a lot of the characteristics of a flame point Siamese. Me and my mother found him at our local Humane Society and he was literally begging us to take him home, so we did!

He has been with us a little over 6 months now.
He is an intelligent, gentle and fun loving feline that knows how to get exactly what he wants!!


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What A Cuttie!!

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Mar 19, 2010
siamese cats
by: judy

my husband and I found our flame point siamese at the humane society also your cat is beautiful.

Sep 17, 2009
Beautiful Cat!
by: D'Wana Johnson

Wow! I must say that Caesar is a beautiful cat. Not quite as beautiful as my pride and joy, Francis, but nonetheless Caesar is quite elegant. I would never let Brutus get his hands on this beaut! You go Caesar.

God is Love, The Neighborhood Cat Feeder

Sep 16, 2009
Flame Point Siamese
by: Michael

Hi Jennifer. I think you are right and Ceasar is fine at his finest. You might have seen this page: Flame Point Siamese Cat in which I talk a bit about the flame point Siamese.

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