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  1. I rescued this kitten and a sibling from a feral Cat and I have never seen anything like him before he is 6 weeks old I think and has an odd meow almost a cherp if that makes sense. any help would be great.

    • Hi Cathy. He is one of those random bred cats who have exceptional coat markings which are highly unusual. It is a random process and sometimes (very rarely) cats have intriguing coat pattens. A very interesting looking little boy. Treat him as a rare cat.

      As for the chirp, that does not surprise me. The meow is a cat-to-human call. Between their own species cats make a range of sounds like the one you have mentioned. My cat is a feral rescue and I raised him from a kitten and he does not meow. He makes squeaks and chirps. I think it is because during his formative weeks he had not human contact.

      Thanks for sharing Cathy.

  2. Hello, this is our cat gizmo, a overwhelming common name it seems, he is ten and we wanted to know what breed you think he is? We where told main coon. Thx!!!

    • Hi David, thanks for visiting. Gizmo may have some Maine Coon in him (the original Maine Coons were farm cats) but he is likely to be a beautiful random bred tabby ginger and white cat. He does have some Maine Coon characteristics. However, purebred Maine Coons are a bit different in appearance and also registered with a cat association so it is known for sure that they are Maine Coons. Lovely cat though. Sorry if this disappoints.

      • Well thank you so much for your fast come back. If i wanted another in the way way future, what would i ask for at a pet store or breeder? A Maincoon’ish breed with Tabby ginger?

        • You’d look for a Maine Coon mix I guess. There are lots of rescue cats on Petfinder for example which are part true Maine Coon and part random bred cat. Or just go for a nice large random bred semi-longhaired orange tabby and white.

  3. I have a very unusually type. Of cat he is have gray and him mom is black looks as he may have short hair cat idk but I still love him…

  4. I saved these two kittens from being put to sleep and i never owned a cat until now because i couldn’t let kittens so young never have a chance to live. they are brother and sister could you tell me what kind they are ?

    • Hi Crystian, as far as I can tell from the picture, you have (a) black and white cat (random bred – meaning not of a cat breed and (b) and tabby and white also random bred.

      Lovely cats and well done for saving them. Great job. Almost all cats are random bred, sometimes called mixed breed. All pedigree cats (purebred cats) are registered with cat associations in the West (Europe and N. America).

      Thanks for visiting and asking.

  5. I don’t have a picture of Annabella right now but she weighs 11 pounds, is almost 8 years old,has medium length hair that is thick and must be combed daily to keep her soft and clean. She has a carmel colored face and ears. Her tail is carmel and she has carmel markings on her white body. She has tabby rings on her tail. Her eyes are green. To me she is a beautiful cat that I simply call domestic with medium hair length.

    • Patricia, thank you for sharing. Annabella seems to be a stunning looking cat with caramel tabby markings. Some domestic shorthaired cats are particularly beautiful and they can look like pedigree, purebred cats.

      Your comment was held for moderation because I presume it is the 1st time you have commented on this site but from now on any comment that you make will be published immediately. Thank you once again.

  6. Hello. A family friend gave us their cat after taking care of it for almost 2 years which they found in the street. They have no clue as to what kind of cat it is and neither we do. Can someone help us identify this cat? I attached he’s picture which I took while he was sleeping. Thank you very much in advance…

    • Hi Robert. Your cat is quite a rare looking cat as far as I am concerned and I have seen many thousands of cats online and in the flesh. He is a dilute, spotted, orange (red) tabby and white cat. Normally you’ll see standard orange tabby cats with. What are called classic tabbies with a swirling pattern. Your cat has clear spots and the pattern is diluted. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  7. the orange tabby is “Fluffy” she is a female.
    she is my pretty girl (my little witch “B” sometimes lol)
    born in — Fluffy 2007 gizmo 2009 dusty 2011 Cosmo 2012.
    we live in Canada, province of Saskatchewan.

  8. “Gizmo” I love him so much and does look wild. Dusty the lynx point ran out the door was gone for 45 days. and gizmo kept bugging me in bed for about 2 wks. bitting me. he was missing his bud. so we got cosmo LOL our 4th cat.
    the man who brought gizmo to us said he had angora in him.

    • Better picture. Gorgeous tabby with a very strong face. He looks very male to me. Almost has a wild cat appearance.

      I can’t tell what type of tabby he is. He looks like a mackerel but can’t be sure.

    • Super dilute red tabby with no pattern on the body. His tabby may be similar to the Abyssinian ticked tabby. Big ruff. Very strong masculine face again. Gorgeous cat. He has lion-type appearance.

  9. hello can you tell me what my cats are
    Fluffy dilute orange tabby (breed ?)
    Gizmo I was told part angora.
    Dusty is a point lynx
    Cosmo (breed ?)

    Is fluffy gizmo Cosmo angora’s
    thank you.

    • Hi Leah, thanks for visiting and asking. The photos are small. They are hard to see.

      Dusty is a lynx pointed Siamese type cat with Snowshow mits on his feet. You could call him a lynx pointed Snowshoe mix. Lynx pointing is pointing with a tabby coat.

      Cosmo is a long-haired bicolor black and white. He may have some Angora genes in him. We won’t know.

      Fluffy is a red (orange) tabby and Gizmo looks like grey/brown tabby but I can’t see his coat properly in the small photo.

      They are all random bred cats and not a breed of cat because in the USA you need the cat to be registered with a cat association and the cat’s family tree also to be registered for the cat to be a pedigree cat.

  10. My “baby” kitty.(-: Had her since she was like 4 weeks old.She was found in my husbands car frame when he got to work lol Buttons is her name.She has a black patch on one her sides that resembles a heart.My black lab/golden retriever,Tazz,treated her like his “baby” and she thought she was a dog lol She loved Tazz.He passed away in 2009.I believe she missed him.When he was sick,he laid on a sleeping bag(she laid with him too on the sleeping bag before he got sick),after he passed and the sleeping bag was washed several times—she still would not lay on the sleeping bag and still doesn’t to this day.I kept it anyway and put it up.{My bunny–Pipsqueak—we found her too (-: she was under our chicken coop,and my husband was cutting grass and the rest is history}
    She passed away a few months before Tazz.She was 2 or 3 years,right in there somewhere.She ran around the house and played.She played with us too!!! She was something else.She had her own home that she was in when we didn’t have her out.Inside the house lol She was so clean.She only went to restroom in one corner of her house. Any way,back to Buttons,she was our “baby” and she owned the house and us and she knew it lol She is so different from the kittens in previous photos lol She turned 6 in October and the kittens are bigger than her. lol (-:

    Can you tell me what type of cat she might be? Thanks and sorry for all the rambling lol (-:

    • I enjoyed your ramblings, Cindy. They are interesting. Buttons is a black and white bicolor random bred (freeborn) cat with a hint of Turkish Van.

      She has the classic Turkish Van type pattern around her ears. She has some Mediterranean, Turkish genes in her, I’d say. Her appearance is very Eastern Mediterranean.

      This post discusses the Van-type pattern:


      Thanks for visiting and sharing and have a Happy Christmas.

  11. Momma Bella– we found out later– lol
    we called her momma Gizmo— was just Gizmo until we found out about the babies (-:

  12. Tried for a better picture,this is the best,very active!!lol
    They are 136 days old
    which is 19 weeks and three days,
    (a little over 4 months–closer to five) goofed on age of them in the previous comment they just seem so big lol

  13. We took in a stray.Found out later,she was a neighbor’s cat.We also found out,
    after about 3 days,she was pregnant.We took care of her til she had her kittens,helped have them,and raised the kittens–5 by the way,until they were like almost 8 weeks old.The owner of Bella,the pregnant cat,came to take her and babies –one day when I wasn’t home.My husband said she was their cat.What could he do?I,of course,was heartbroken.Not even a week later,they brought two of the kittens back.Two brothers,one of which was a runt.He always laid on laps.(-: They said,the older of the two,was too scared of everything and wasn’t adapting well.The runt wasn’t gaining weight and was having a rough time.We had gotten two of them back.We named them Scuttles and Scooter.Based on personalities of course.lol Any way,they are a little over 14 weeks,as of the third of Dec.,they are bigger than their mom lol and keep growing. (-: They are huge!! Big heads and paws.A black stripe down their backs,a tiger face,and black ears -at least on tips.Cant remember 100%, lol,they are down stairs at moment.They are very smart,loving,and playful.Good with kids.Also,with other animals.They looked like little tigers,when born.Only they were brownish,grey,white,and black,but as stripes.They resembled their mom a lot,with maybe a few differences.I will send a snap shot later,but do you have an idea of what breed they may be? They aren’t long haired.Maybe short -medium.Fur feels different than our other cat.Thanks for your ideas on the matter.

    • Hi Cindy. First, well done is raising these two. They sound very healthy. It sounds like you have tabby cats. Probably brown tabby or brown tabby and white.

      They will be random bred cats and not a breed of cat. Cats that are part of a cat breed have to be registered with a cat association and their parents and grandparents etc. have to be registered too. That makes them pedigree cats.

      You have lovely cats that are loved and random bred cats are often more healthy than pedigree cats. They may be mixed breed meaning some purebred genes in them. Impossible to tell unless they really look like a cat breed.

    • Hi Shae. Thanks for visiting and asking. It is not a great picture – sorry. But your cat looks like he is solid grey colour with a Siamese-like face.

      It is odd-on that he is mixed or what is also called random bred or another word is “freeborn”.

      The thing is that lots of freeborn cats have genes from some of the well known breeds in them.

      For example my cat is black but he has a Siamese voice and a long face so there is probably some Siamese connections.

      Your cat looks interesting and quite fine. He looks like a Korat, a rare breed (if he is grey) but he won’t be or it is highly unlikely.

      This page may help: What Breed is My Cat?

  14. Hello. I was trying to find out what kind of cat i have i met him when he was a kitten the own left him behind ever since that i been taken care of him some nights i would come home and his eyes would appear to be glowin in the window where he used to live he’s dark grey and has markings just like a tiger with a whats look like a white pouch underneth and his eyes is like a dull yellow but when you get close to it his eyes or brown and i have seen his eyes from yellow go all kinds of green then dark blue his in the inside also bluish and his body is large and muscluar so if you can give me some ideal of what type of cat i have i will be very thankful!

  15. I have a grey cat. She is pretty tall. She has white “socks”, white stomach, white neck. Her tail is grey and has the slightest bits of darker grey stripes. She has multiple grey marks on her white. Her back, right leg has white that was carried from her stomach(the white is connected). Her hair is not long but it isnt short. So her hair is about medium length.

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