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How tabby cats got their “M” marking — 13 Comments

  1. For Ralph Demattia, you are one nasty piece of work; cats are just cats and if there is a M on its head and there’s a Muslim legend behind it then good for them.
    Suggesting people eat cats because their Muslim is appauling and a person like you should’nt be around even animals.
    Do 1

  2. Wake up ppl. How could this have anything to do with religion. Both Jesus and Mohammad peace be upon them spoke different languages. And that includes the beautiful mother of Jesus Mary. Not English. So certainly the letter “m” did not represent the first letter of their names back then.

    Simple logic ppl. Wake up!

    • It is just a nice fiction. The tabby “M” mark has nothing to do with religion. It is just a pattern of darker hairs amongst lighter hairs on a cat’s forehead that is the result of the tabby genes inside the cat. Thanks for questioning it and for visiting.

  3. I heard a different story: “When Mary & Joseph came to the manger a cat was lying in a nice bed of straw, Mary asked the cat if it would move so she could put the baby there. the cat moved and Mary ptted his head, marking him with an M as her sign.”

  4. The markings on the Tiger Tabbies had NOTHING to do with Islam. Those “people” only EAT cats! The Tiger Tabbie got the distinctive “M” because a Tiger Tabbie female and her mate were in the manger the night that the baby Jesus was born, and the Virgin Mary asked the cats to keep him warm, as the night was very cold. So they jumped into the crib and surrounded the baby with their warm furry bodies and kept him toasty warm all night. In the morning, to thank the cats, Mary blessed them with her initial for all to see forever – The “M” on their foreheads.

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