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What to Consider Before Fostering a Dog or Cat — 5 Comments

  1. Very nice and useful article, Susan.
    I always wished that someone would write an article about how to “let go” of a cat with better ease than I do.
    Maybe, you could write one.

      • Many of my experiences still stick with me. There were times that I didn’t even realize that tears were pouring down my face until I had that gasp that told me I was cryng.
        It’s a mix of saddness and happiness.
        It’s very hard for me, always.
        I wish someone had a method to ease the transition.

        • There is no way Dee, it’s like when a much loved cat dies, you never get over the loss, you only get used to it with time.
          The same is true for fostering and letting cats go to good forever homes, but much easier to come to terms with in time, because you know the cat is still alive and loved and you have room to take another in, in his/her place.

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