Picture of a foster kitten

Rescue kitten

Why publish a picture of a foster kitten? Firstly, I think he’s an incredibly cute foster kitten. He has an unusual coat and appearance generally which is reason enough to publish a picture of him on this website. But secondly, it reminds us that every cat is an individual, a sentient creature demanding our …

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Australian Open tennis player wanted organisers to provide them with a kitten during pre-tournament quarantine

Cute kitten

Tennis Australia boss Craig Tiley disclosed to the media that one player asked for a kitten to play with during their 14-day quarantine ahead of the Australian Open tennis tournament. They made the request on one of many Zoom calls. He spoke to the players regularly on Zoom to allow them to vent and …

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How does a cat foster carer say goodbye to a kitten like this?

Cat foster carer Ashley will struggle to release this kitten

The relationship is bound tightly with deep feelings from both sides. How can you break that just because you are a foster carer? — Michael I find it almost impossible to imagine giving up such as sweet rescue kitten as Cindy Lou Who. Ashley Morrison is Cindy Lou Who’s foster carer. This cute grey …

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Battle scarred male feral cat fosters kittens beautifully

If you want to see something really adorable then watch the video below. This battle scarred, male feral cat has retained some of his feral character and therefore can be difficult with humans even though he found himself in a very nice home having been rescued but he has proved to be a wonderful …

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New kitten nursery at Greenville shelter features adorable kittens available for fostering

Kitten being bottle fed

Greenville County Animal Care Services (GCACS), a kill shelter located in Upstate South Carolina, is well on its way to becoming no-kill. Their newest project is a brightly painted kitten nursery. The shelter takes in between 40 and 50 kittens per day. Many are orphans whose mom was either hit by a car or …

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Pit bull covered in scars has fostered more than 20 kittens

Who would have thought a stray pit bull covered in scars would make a good foster mom to 20 kittens. This is the story of Hema, who has made it her life’s mission to care for kittens fostered by Marissa Cingen. Marissa, who volunteers as a foster mom, and her roommate Robin Seegers, spotted …

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Cleaning business encourages customers to foster a cat to scare rodents away

This is a unique, innovative idea to promote the fostering of rescue cats in the UK but it is also dubious and I regret to say I don’t think it will work and I don’t think it is based upon sound thinking. Handy.com is an online business which makes arrangements for cleaning and handyman …

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