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Which cat breed is the most affectionate? — 2 Comments

  1. Michael, once again, after having 50+ years of kitties in my life, my mongrels have been the most affectionate. I truly feel it is how they are raised as babies that affects the behavior the most. My Bengal is not a pure bread, she likes affection, but only on her terms. She doesn’t like to be held and is not a lap cat by any means, but she does like cuddles and kisses. Most of my boys have been the most affectionate out of any of my cats. I had one female, a Blue Burmese mix, who was, by far, my best cat overall. At the time I had her, she was with me for literally half my life — she lived to 19. She is really the one who showed me that I was to be a *cat mom* forever — and it was because of her that my Mom noticed the bond I have with ANY cat. I’m sure some breeds are more affectionate than others by genetics, but I do believe it is also how the cat is raised from birth with socialization factors. My 2 boys, who are brothers, Mario & Luigi (yes, after the Mario Brothers game), were orphaned as babies and raised at a veterinary clinic until old enough to be adopted. They were apparently handled a lot because they are the most affectionate out of my brood of 13 kitties (all adopted/rescued). I am able to be affectionate with any of my *kids* — mom demands it!! LOL!! but they generally don’t mind. My Bengal has her own page on facebook — ‘Mimi the Bengal Girl’ — created by her former *Mommy* before she passed away. I am now page admin — go check her out and give her a *like*!! Pics of all my *kids* are on there someplace. . . ♥♥♥

    • Agree with all you say. Most affectionate cats by far come from the random bred population. Thanks for sharing your thoughts again, Diane. Appreciated.

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