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Bengal cat – DGC KOSIKATZ THOTZI INDUNA INGWE  — Breeder: Sherry Ellis, Owner: Jan Harrell. Photograph ©copyright Helmi Flick



Ravi - a Bengal cat
Ravi – a Bengal cat. Photo: copyright Helmi Flick.

Bengal cats for sale had taken on a new meaning in the UK in early 2007, when they were being targeted by criminal gangs, stolen and sold back to their owners for £1,000 to £100,000. At any one time, apparently,  there were 120 missing. [note: this page was written in 2007 and things do change].

In the USA they are kept in far more frequently than in the UK and I would think that the UK is gradually moving towards the USA method. Thefts are one good reason.

Things though have changed over the years. In 1998, a Foundation Bengal was sold in England for over $40,000.00 (USD), then a world record for a cat’s value apparently. In January 2005, four F1 kittens went on sale at £80,000 (GPD) each – astonishing. Lord Gay was the seller/breeder. As I said times have changed. The Bengal is now no less rare than most purebred cats. In fact much more common based on my research into rare cat breeds.

The prices at mid 2007 for a nice show quality cat would have been about $2,500 – $5,000+. Bengal cats for sale as pets run to about $650 -$1,250. You get what you pay for. For healthy, well bred and socialized Bengal cat, the price should be around $1,000. slide show


As this very popular cat has become less rare, less unusual over the past 15 years or so, what effect has that had on prices? Pricing is based on a number of factors but these are general guidelines:

In the UK prices for pet quality Bengal cats for sale are around £300 – £500 (as at 2008) and for show cats and breeding cats you’ll need to pay between £800 and a few thousand pounds.

In the USA prices are$300 – $1200 and upwards for pet quality Bengal cats. I would expect thousands for breeding cats (sold breeder to breeder).

Bengal cat Prices — This is a link to a lot more on the pricing of Bengal cats. I have focused on USA and UK. As I said pricing is dependent on quality (in relation to the breed standard – usually TICA – and generation and whether the cat is a show cat or not. If not she will have “faults” when compared to the breed standard but be just as lovely. Character and personality is independent of appearance lets not forget.

Bengal cat

Bengal cat photo ©Helmi Flick


These details correct at 6-2008
Bengaland BengalsClick on the link above to go the cattery website and click on the link to read about a well known cattery run by Peggy and Hugh Price and see some pictures too. Located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA and Philadelphia (unless I’m mistaken)
Zendada Bengals — this link is broken Sept 2016.Click on the link to have a look at the work of a renown breeder Julie Gracie Moseley who runs ZenDada Bengals. You’ll see some great pics and information about marbled Bengals. Located Austin Texas area (see more Texas breeders below).
Bengalcattery von SataraThis is a cattery featured on this page. Click on the link to read and see more. Located in Feldkirch, Austria.
Bengal Breeders in FloridaThis link takes you to a list of the best Bengal cats for sale in Florida.
Bengal cat Breeders in TexasIf America is the home of the Bengal cat, Texas at least for me, is classic America and there are some really fine quality breeders in this sunny State. Most (all?) are situated around Dallas and south of Dallas from Houston to Corpus Christi. There is a list on this page plus a Helmi picture of a fine Bengal cat.
TICAA good resource to find Bengal cats for sale is to visit TICA (The International Cat Association) website and check out their list of breeders. In contrast to the CFA they register Bengal cats. I haven’t provided a link to the breeder listings page because the URLs change from time to time.
ClubsYou can visit the website of the International Bengal Cat Society’s website by clicking here. For the UK click here to visit the The Bengal Cat Club for information and links etc. about Bengal cats for sale.
RescueBengal Cat Rescue – a detailed appraisal of the best alternative to looking for Bengal Cats for sale
CanadaBengal cat Canada – some Canadian Breeders. I was impresssed with these websites and the catteries look great. They have plenty of space in Canada and it shows.
Some UK breedersLlandar
Based in Berkshire, UK. Not sure which town as not clear. This link is broken so I have taken it out.

Zawadi Bengals — Located somewhere in the Swindon area. Once again this is going west on the M4 from Heathrow for about an hour.

Glitterglam Bengals — Located about 80 miles north of London.

— The above are fine breeders to the best of my knowledge but some (a few) aren’t so good…..

F1 Bengal declawed and imprisoned — Don’t misunderstand me. The vast majority of breeders are just fine. But they are in the “business” of breeding, which must by the nature of the business mean sometimes treating cats in a way that can seem a little hard or lets say commercial to people like me.

Bengal cat Adoption — what they are worth these are my thoughts on adopting a Bengal cat. There is really much more to it than asking yourself, “do I want a cat?”

A communication from Jennifer Miller — Jennifer runs the Katznjamr cattery. Here are her thoughts in a communication to other breeders about HCM and breeding generally.

Stud Pants — Cat breeders need these sometimes, why and what?

Bengal cat
Bengal cats for sale Bengal cat photo ©Helmi Flick

Jean Mill

The bengal cat should not have been created

Jean Mill in the USA founded the breed in 1975 by crossing an Asian Leopard cat, a small shy forest dwelling leopard cat weighing around 8 to 10lbs (some say 10-15 lbs, check out the link to see how the discrepancy may have come about) with beautiful markings, to a domestic cat. You can read more about these interesting beginning years of Jean Mill’s development of this breed and my criticism of her work (yes, I know I’ll be in trouble). The objective was to create a sociable domestic cat with the appearance of the leopard. Jean Mill, as I understand it is now retired. Were these the first formal attempts at crossing wild with domestic cat or were wild cat hybrids around 100 years earlier?

You can read about the development of the Bengal cat and some tips on buying.

Apart from their beautiful appearance which is so finely captured in Helmi Flick’s photographs on this page three things immediately come to mind that stand out about this rare and much desired cat.

Legal stuff UK

Firstly, and this may surprise some readers, the Bengal cat is still legally (at a technical level) considered to be a wild animal in the UK under The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (as at 2008). As a result it requires a license in the UK. You can read about this anomaly by clicking on this link. The UK’s Defra (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) have, as understand it updated the statute so it is in line with modern thinking about the Bengal cat. Although F1-F4 Bengal cats are CITES regulated still.

The growth of exotic cat breeding in the USA
The home of exotic cats, America, may be drifting towards a situation where more regulation that is currently in place is imposed on breeders and keepers of exotic cats (in this instance I mean wildcat hybrids). Some 70 years ago, in the US, it was proposed that all cats be registered due to the feral cat population. The feral cat population problem is more pressing in 2008 so legislation for cat keepers is not out of the question.


Secondly, and this is my opinion having played with a Bengal cat, they have a level of inquisitiveness and athleticism that is noticeably above the level of a typical domestic cat. This is to be expected and admired. It is a characteristic that “goes with the territory” of a hybrid cat of this type and which makes them “Bengal cats for sale”. However, lets remember that the Bengal cat is a domestic cat at SBT level. It might be fair to say that some people still preceive this cat to be some sort of semi-wild leopard cat – it is not. There are some interesting traits, though, that come through.

The Asian Leopard defecates in water and this sometimes carries through to SBT in term of toilet behavior (Stud Book Tradition – at least 4 generations from ALC of Bengal to Bengal breeding) Bengals, who may prefer to go to the toilet in the sink, toilet or showers.

You get the wasian leopard cat Bengal cats for saleonderful coat, the character and behavior; but with these characteristics comes an added responsibility for the human. To use legal language, a higher duty of care is demanded of the human in caring for a Bengal cat (that’s purely my opinion).

Thirdly, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the premier and largest registry of pure bred breeds in the world and based in the USA, do not agree to register the Bengal cat. See Bengal Cat Rescue.

Bengal cat

A first generation cross is known as an F1. An F2 is the progeny of one F1 parent and one domestic parent (normally another Bengal cat these days). Although the public will usually adopt/buy an SBT (at least 4 generations from wild), some people would prefer to adopt an F2 as they are to them less like your average cat and more “special” or outstanding. Lord Gray said F2s make good pets and have that wild (desirable) look. By the fourth generation the cats are considered domestic and can be called a Bengal cat. Apparently the most valuable Bengals and the “Bengal cats for sale” are the F1s. A well known breeder says that F1s are not vicious and wild. Although more work is required to handle them and to get used to them. Sometimes they can exhibit what some would consider strange behavior (see links) F1’s are not suitable for families. The point is that F1s will act more like a wild cat, which means more obvious signs of suurvival instincts if the cat feels threatened for whatever reason. A litter of 4 was valued at £60,000 to £80,000 apparently! (but see above). Times have changed because Bengal cats are no longer as rare as they were.

Bengal cats for sale have a wonderful temperament. Bengals are affectionate, attentive, outgoing, playful, quick, intelligent, confident, and inquisitive about everything. And they can run very fast….They like to create games and are quick to make the owner play the game of the moment with them. Bengals are extremely curious about anything new brought home, whatever it is.

It is worth noting that they are normally not afraid of water (the majority like it, some have a bath with their human partner) and they like to play in it, sometimes. Bengal cats get along wonderfully with regular domestic cats and dogs.

In a study published on or about September 2007 it was concluded that Bengal cats do not have more behavioral problems than other breeds. Thereby de-bunking any misconceptions that Bengals present problems to their owners. The study was carried out with the assistance of Californian rescue centers. However, a Bengal cat does it seems behave a little differently to your usual domestic cat. Here are some links to posts on the behavior of this cat:


bengal kittens begaland

No breed specific health problems were reported until recently, when the occurrence of HCM (a heart disease) has been reported. When you buy or adopt, I would ask for the results of a veterinarian test certifying that the cat you are adopting is free of this disease. It is a fatal disease.

All good breeders will have this test done be they Bengal cat breeders or breeders of other breeds. You can read more about the scourge of this heart disease by clicking on this link. Here are some more links to posts on this disease:

HCM – Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
This is a disease that affects a number of cat breeds including this one (and I thought it didn’t). Read about this disease in general terms here.

TIBS Lightning Fund
The International Bengal Society (TIBS) run this fund which has been put in place to raise sufficient money to carry out research into HCM in Bengal cats

HCM – an update
My knowledge through research of this disease in relation to the Bengal progressed and the posts reflected this. This is one such post on this serious disease that affects some purebred cats more than others.

Do Bengal cats need more Taurine?
Research may indicate that this breed needs more Taurine (an essential ingredient in all domestic cat diets) than other domestic cats. Some breeders think they need more and some don’t it seems to me. This spreadsheet provided by a breeder indicates more than normal is need: Taurine supplement spreadsheet. Also see Homemade Cat Food– some thoughts and recipes from breeders.

I have also recently discovered that another inherited disease may affect a Bengal Cat – Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). This disease, like HCM also affects people….

Progressive Retinal Atrophy
This is one of the inherited diseases that the Bengal cat can sometimes suffer from. This is not the only breed. I discovered this on my travels over the internet. Read about it here. This disease is not a major health problem as far as I am aware but buyers are best prepared.It also affects Persians and Abyssinians. I don’t know the frequency of occurrence.

Bengals can Inherit Distal Neuropathy
This is a disease affecting the nevous system and is a “genetic disease”

There is on intention in this section to criticise the Bengal cat or breeders, but to simply report what I see and read. Breeders by and large do a good job.

Slide Show

george clooney and cat

Celebs and Bengals is a winning combination. There is no doubting their popularity amongst cat lovers and the rich and famous. For, example, Jemima Khan got into the news again when she lost (or were they stolen and about to become Bengal cats for sale?) her 2 Bengal cats, one of which at least was given to her by Hugh Grant. Read this story here. Then you’ve got the reformed frontman to the band “Darkness”, Justin Hawkins, who adores Bengal cats and now lives with three (and they do him the world of good no doubt…:-)..). Read that story here.

And it doesn’t stop there. A lot of really famous people live with Bengal cats. They carry them around town in pet bags or walk with them on leashes (this seems to be not uncommon in the USA). In addition to the above celebs it has been reported that Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Laila Ali, Lord Archer, Jonathan Ross, Kevin Bacon are all Bengal cat owners. You can see why the phrase Bengal cats for sale sums up the situation regarding this cat.

Thoughts from non-professional cat keepers

This section contains information from “Joe Public” who are cat lovers and who know cats….

bengal cats for saleALLERGY As for any cat the Bengal may be allergic to vaccinations. You can find out by staying at the vets after the injection and waiting half an hour to see if a reaction happens. A vet can give a pre-vaccination shot.

CHEWING FUR Does your Bengal eat false fur or paper? If yes it could be because the paper makes a noise (like prey) and the fur feels like prey. It may be due to a condition called Pica. It is quite common in Oriental and Asian cats and is found in Siamese cats. Remove these object and provide safe alternatives and/or apply a product called Granick’s Bitter Apple, which helps deter bad habits. Another possibility is to increase the amount of roughage in the diet, with a high fiber prescription diet and providing plants that are cat safe might help. Pica is defined as an abnormal compulsion to eat things that aren’t usually eaten. It is not clear what causes it; weaned to early, anxiety, boredom, diet deficiency or illness. I favor boredom as this breed is very active and needs challenges.

RE-HOMING If you can’t afford a Bengal try but since writing this I have compiled a comprehensive list of Bengal cat rescue centers and groups.

Bengal cats for saleRESCUE CENTERS Apparently animal rescue centers discourage the buying of Bengal cats for sale (is this because they are too wild – remember the CFA won’t register them or to encourage people to adopt a rescue cat). Don’t know if this is a fact, more a thought……

CHARACTER F4s Bengal cats for sale are not wild but they are a bit different; They are smarter and more assertive. They do seem to be physically stronger than their appearance would suggest.

COMPANION Bengals need the input of the human companion as they are interactive and to a certain extent demanding. If you are away a lot think of getting a companion pet for your Bengal cat, this will help.

BREEDERS As for all purebred cats, ask the breeder questions. If the answers are transparent then OK (health certificates come to mind). Cheap Bengal cats for sale may be sickly or badly breed, beware. Think carefully be adopting a Bengal.

Bengal cats for saleDANGEROUS? At one point in time the South Dakota Department of Game Fish and Parks believed that the Bengal was a danger to the human owner. They still might?

REGISTRATION You can register the Bengal with TICA, ACFA, GCCF, and AACE but not the CFA.

LEGAL? They are legal in California (guess you knew that :-). They can get stolen. They are best then kept indoors BUT they are active so does this mean this cat gets bored and chews things see above – Pica? Note: As at July 2007 the Bengal cat and wild/domestic hybrids are illegal in Iowa. Check this out in more detail.

DECLAW? Don’t declaw a Bengal as it may develop biting and urinatbengal cats for saleing habits. Plus it is cruel especially for a cat this athletic. If you want to declaw your cat don’t get one. It is against the cats interest to be declawed.

PET STORE Pet store Bengal cats for sale are illegally in the USA. Is this correct (I live in the UK)?

APARTMENT Can you keep a Bengal cat in an apartment? Yes and No. They are not made for apartment living. My opinion is no unless it is a very big and entertaining apartment. A Persian, for example, is much better adapted for indoor living. Bengals are too active. But if you are around a lot and there are play areas etc. in your apartment, plus you take him/her out supervised then perhaps, yes. Please think of the cat.


Bengal Cats may be leopard spotted, rosetted, or marbled. A cat is registered as a “spotted tabby”, even if it has rosettes. See below for lots more about the coat (there’s a lot to know).

Accepted Bengal colors are: brown tabby, snow, silver, and silver snow. The snow Bengal colors are seal lynx point, seal sepia tabby, and seal mink tabby.

Like all cat lovers I was upset by the fact that these wonderful cats are being stolen and becoming “Bengal cats for sale” to their owners. There’s another potential “downside” in producing such a hybrid cat; what of the effects on the wildcat population. Read about it here.

Bengal Cat

Bengal cats for sale – Bengal Cat photo © Helmi Flick

People like Snow Bengals:

There are three types (a) Seal Mink (b) Seal Sepia (c) Seal Lynx Point.

Breeders first developed the Seal Lynx Point. This cat has the color point gene, which is recessive and which is from the Siamese cat. This type of Bengal has blue eyes. By the 1980s the Burmese was out crossed with Bengal cats producing darker Snow Bengals; the Seal Mink and the Seal Sepia being the darkest. You can verify type and lineage courtesy University of California DNA testing.

Silver Bengal Cat
This page has a couple of fine Helmi photographs and a brief description of what makes a Silver Bengal cat. It is difficult to breed the silver coat.

All the photographs in this section are ©Helmi Flick. When you’ve glanced at these photographs you might like to read and see more about the Bengal cat coat as it is central to its popularity. You could also read about Bengal cat “glittering”, ticking, the fuzzies, details on eye color, the tail and the belly.

Bengal Glitter
Something breeders strive for is glitter. Read about it on this page. Breeders also look for a wild look, great temperament and a coat full of contrast with a good pattern.

Toyger Eyes
A breeder in Russia is breeding Bengal cats with markings around the eyes like a Toyger cat. The goal of Toyger cat breeders is eyes like Tigers. I’d never seem eyes like these before on a Bengal.

Bengal Cat Breed Standard
This is presented in summary by annotating a very large format photograph by Helmi Flick of a beautiful show cat called LOBO.

Check out these coat types:

bengal cats for sale
Brown spotted tabby bengal cats for sale
Seal Mink Marbled bengal cats for sale
Seal Sepia Spotted bengal cats for sale
Silver Spotted Tabby bengal cats for sale
Silver Spotted Tabby bengal cats for sale


Bengal cats for sale – Variant Bengal cats

The Bengal cat as described above is well know. There are other types of Bengal cat, not yet formally recognized by the assocations. These are:

Bengal longhair – this is a medium longaired Bengal cat. This cat is also called the Cashmere cat and the Pardino cat. The Pardino is recognized by a cat association called European Group Judge Organization. This group’s standard for the Pardino follows TICA standard. I’ll presume that it is the same standard only the hair is semi-long. The organization says that the color blue is recognized. They also say that the Pardino (and therefore the Bengal cat) is different to any other domestic cat. This I presume alludes to the behavioral characteristics described above.

The Cashmere cat is a long haired Bengal cat. Is the hair longer than the Pardino cat? My thoughts are no, as the informal breed standard states that the Cashmere cat has medium length hair. The texture should be dense, soft and luxurious. The longer length cat coat (the Bengal cat coat is quite short and tight to the body) comes from a recessive gene introduced in the early days of development when the Bengal were cross bred with mixed breed cats, Egyptian Mau (shorthair), and Himalayan cats (these are pointed Persian cats and therefore long haired). The long haired gene may have also come from the recessive long haired gene in the Abyssinian cat (a long haired Abyssinian is the recognized breed, the Somali cat).

There have also been alleged crosses the Bengal cat and American Bobcats to produce a wildcat hybrid (with a short tail?). Also Bengals mating with the American Lynx is alleged.

A cat called the Panterette is founded upon the melanistic Bengal cat. This is a black Bengal cat that has faint markings. It can occur when both parents carry the recessive gene for melanistic black. Black Bengal cats just happen sometimes, I expect very rarely.

Finally, in addition there have been Bengal variants in respect of color. The colors have been blue on apricot, chocolate, cinammon and tortoiseshell (see black tortoiseshell), black and Tonkinese colored Bengal cats. The established Bengal cats for sale breeders don’t like this.

Individual cats

Bengal cat Thriller
  • THRILLER — Outstanding Sire, International Winner, Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Bengal Cat — OS IW RW SGC


Bengal cat Ravi
  • RAVIRW SGC Junglebook Ravi Singh (DOB 5/10/04)


Bengal cat MOMO
  • MOMO —  RW SGC Belara Custom’s Dream of Jabari


Bengal cat SUNDOG
  • SUNDOG —  Breeder’s Choice Award for Best Marble Kitten at On Safari in 2005

See Bengal Cat LOBO – more bling plus a bit of info.

What is the origin of the name?

The name comes from the scientific classification of the Asian leopard cat, “Felis Bengalensis”.

Sources for Bengal Cats for Sale:

  • Bengal cats – A complete Pet Owner’s Manual
  • Love to Know – Bengal Cat Breeder
  • Various blogs news portals
  • Breeders’ websites too numerous to list here – special mention:
  • Bengal cats for sale websites and more bengal cats for sale websites…You get a lot from these sites
  • Wikipedia
  • Cat Fanciers website
  • Messybeast

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  3. When showing my cats at shows all over, I still hear such talks, for people don’t know Bengal cats. On the contrary, they may have heard of homegrown mini-leopards, but have never seen them. And those who have, have also heard about the myths concerning their ‘bad temper’ or even ‘aggressive behavior.’ Add to it all the relatively high cost for kittens (among the top 10 according to the Forbes magazine) and you get a lot of misinformed people.

    1. I agree Olga. There is misinformation about the Bengal cat on the Internet. If you’d like to write an extended comment about the character of the Bengal cat that will be most welcome and in lieu of that, I might do it myself. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  4. My husband gave me a kitten for this Christmas so we went to the ADL in Texas and there in a cage were 3 kittens. Adopted the little female. For the price of twenty dollare.They had her as a brn tabby-turns out she is a silver spotted tabby Bengal—–something told me she was different-loves water,plays with the dogs what a cat-she is now about 4 1/2 mo and weighs 4-5lbs.

  5. One of my bengal boys likes to pee in empty boxes caaordbrd, plastic, buckets, even empty litter boxes. I wouldn’t mind the empty litter box except his paws get wet. I have tried boxes with grates for this but he won’t go on the grates. Otherwise he uses the litter boxes just fine (minimum of 4 for two bengal boys with different types of litter-yes, they are spoiled). I even accompany him to the box when he voices his I’m gonna pee meows and starts looking around for a place to go. He will settle for a box if I stay right with him. So puzzling . . .

    1. He probably feels very safe with around when he pees. In the wild, the Asian leopard cat, from which the Bengal cat is partially made up, pees into streams in order to deflect larger predators stalking it. My Bengal female, Sweetie, will generally wait for my return home before she defecates into the litter box in my presence and calls out to have it cleaned. Quite similar in behaviour to yours.

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