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  2. Hello again Michael, I wanted to Thank You for your quick reply, and all of the pertinent info on the Bengal Breed. It will be very helpful in my decision making. Best Wishes for you and your family this Holiday Season. Happy Holidays. Bruce

  3. I have a T-3 female gold glitter tip. And her father was a double international champion T-1 he was large around 30 pounds. On my girl Kochka she is very curious and likes to get into everything. And she loves her buddy my Flame point Siamese. The do sneak attack on each other.Plus my Siamese Snooks was in the 2001 cat calendar in Louisville, KY.

  4. When showing my cats at shows all over, I still hear such talks, for people don’t know Bengal cats. On the contrary, they may have heard of homegrown mini-leopards, but have never seen them. And those who have, have also heard about the myths concerning their ‘bad temper’ or even ‘aggressive behavior.’ Add to it all the relatively high cost for kittens (among the top 10 according to the Forbes magazine) and you get a lot of misinformed people.

    • I agree Olga. There is misinformation about the Bengal cat on the Internet. If you’d like to write an extended comment about the character of the Bengal cat that will be most welcome and in lieu of that, I might do it myself. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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  7. My husband gave me a kitten for this Christmas so we went to the ADL in Texas and there in a cage were 3 kittens. Adopted the little female. For the price of twenty dollare.They had her as a brn tabby-turns out she is a silver spotted tabby Bengal—–something told me she was different-loves water,plays with the dogs what a cat-she is now about 4 1/2 mo and weighs 4-5lbs.

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  9. One of my bengal boys likes to pee in empty boxes caaordbrd, plastic, buckets, even empty litter boxes. I wouldn’t mind the empty litter box except his paws get wet. I have tried boxes with grates for this but he won’t go on the grates. Otherwise he uses the litter boxes just fine (minimum of 4 for two bengal boys with different types of litter-yes, they are spoiled). I even accompany him to the box when he voices his I’m gonna pee meows and starts looking around for a place to go. He will settle for a box if I stay right with him. So puzzling . . .

    • He probably feels very safe with around when he pees. In the wild, the Asian leopard cat, from which the Bengal cat is partially made up, pees into streams in order to deflect larger predators stalking it. My Bengal female, Sweetie, will generally wait for my return home before she defecates into the litter box in my presence and calls out to have it cleaned. Quite similar in behaviour to yours.

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