Sport hunting of African lions has weakened them by restricting their genetic diversity

Lion roar

A study lead by a conservation biologist at the Zoological Society of London, Simon Dures, has produced compelling but not conclusive evidence that sport hunting of African lions has made them physically less strong than they were 100 years ago … please continue reading

Amish and Hutterite study tells us that cats and dogs help protect people against allergens

The study which looked at the prevalence of allergy among two American communities, the Amish and the Hutterite, tells us that keeping cats and dogs, including indoors, helps to protect schoolchildren from allergens including those causing asthma. The Amish are … please continue reading

How much does letting domestic cats go outside affect wildlife conservation?

Domestic cat predation

There are many cat owners, some of whom are my online friends, who strongly support keeping cats inside all the time. This article is not a criticism of them because I understand the motivation to keep cats inside. It is … please continue reading

Inconclusive study does not find Toxoplasma gondii infection causes schizophrenia in people

Toxoplasma gondii

An inconclusive study does not find Toxoplasma gondii infection causes schizophrenia as is reported on many websites this morning. The online newspapers and even online science journals are misrepresenting the conclusions of another study which seeks to find a link … please continue reading