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Why can dogs learn their names and cats cannot? — 7 Comments

  1. Myth.
    Cats learn their names well.
    At times, they will ignore a calling; but, that’s just a cat being a cat.

    • Yes, Rudolph, like mine but in my opinion they respond to the sound of their name but don’t attach the name to themselves or recognise it as a name. They recognise the sound as being associated with something nice, perhaps you coming home or providing food, those sorts of things.

  2. All of my cats were taught through repetition. They have all learned their names without food rewards. When they first come to live with me, I like to repeat their names while holding them and snuggling with them. They have all learned their nicknames, even though it is mostly verbal references between humans. All have known commands such as get down, get off the table, come here, etc.

    My current male knows to come when I speak his name followed by heel. He picked that up from watching the dogs.

    Cats are extremely intelligent. We as humans just don’t spend the required time it takes to train them to respond to commands the way dogs do.

  3. Yeah, because when you say to a Service Dog to, “Go pick up my shoes and put them by the door,” it’s because a dog doesn’t understand what you are saying. I had one dog that knew over 160 human words, and could even understand them when put into new sequences. At a party of friends I could even tell her to do something like, “Go get your new frisbee, not your favorite one, and give it to Dave.” And she would, much to the astonishment of all in attendance. Let’s see any moron cat do that. Psychoses borne of species-jealousy is a terrible thing when you’re a cat-lover, isn’t it. You’ll forever try to find justifications for the uselessness of all cats.

    • Rubbish. Dogs may understand 160 words but he/she will understand the sound of the word and its consequences. And cats are not morons.

    • My cat would have told you to get the damn shoes yourself.
      Dogs have been bred to be human submissive for centuries which is what most dog owners assume is love as well as guarding their food source. you. To train a dog to be a real service dog you must start conditioning at birth and even then few make it to being actual qualified SDs. I’m not talking about the plethora of fake SDs and ESA you see misbehaving on a daily basis.
      The most pitiful animals I ever see are the real SDs who are literal slaves to the human. Contrary to popular belief many people with a disability choose more conventional and newer inventions to allow them to be independent and free from the hassle of taking care an animal both at home and in public.
      As to dogs as pets they are noisy often aggressive and in need of constant and unending attention of they develop a number of neurotic behaviors and eat the curtains, floors and walls when left alone along with considerable noise pollution that invades the homes and lives of other people not to mention the piles of feces left in every corner of our lives. Whenever I see someone parading their dog around in public all I see is an insecure person who will do anything for attention including inflicting their pet on bystanders that are often trying to get away.
      The majority of dogs are totally useless which I don’t care about unless they invade my life either by being loose, crapping in my yard or yowling on a nonstop basis because the dog lover is too lazy to train them.
      FYI my cats all know their names individually as well as basic commands like sit , down, no, hot and go in their litter trays and use the multitude of scratching surfaces provided. They do not steal food nor does any vocalization they make even come close to the softest yammering of a dog that is being unattended.
      I am unable to take my cats out on a lead anyway since the masses of doggies that are let off leash despite signs saying otherwise would attack my cat. And the dog owners would simply say it was normal dog behavior. Every friend I have that has a mixed household eventually loses a cat to that aggression.
      Now you see I think dogs are morons just like you think cats are morons but it’s really irrelevant how either of us feel if everyone learns to respect others rights. I don’t make it a habit to got to dog lover sites and make my views known so the question is why do you feel the need to come to a site for cat lovers and try , very poorly by the way to stir the pot. You must be a novice troll. Go walk your dog and I suggest you pick up and dispose of the waste in your own garbage pail.

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