Why do cats not obey commands?

Training cats is possible and rewarding and it happens all the time informally

It’s actually incorrect to say that cats do not obey commands although in comparison to dogs they are less ready to do so. I think that’s a better way of putting it. And the reason is because dogs are descended from gray wolves and gray wolves are pack animals and pack animals look to …

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Amazing video: cat copies her owner’s complex movements

Japanese dog trainer trains her cat to carry out complex movements

Although we know that cats can be trained to do things, in this video you will see a charming cat copying their owner carrying out some relatively complex movements. The owner demonstrates the movement that she wants her cat to do and then asked her cat to do it. The cat carried out the …

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Should I use a spray bottle on my cat?

Should I use a stray bottle on my cat?

There are different views on this and some websites actively recommend it as a cat trainig method. Apparently in a proportion of US homes there are spray bottles in every room! These are, in effect, water pistols used to squirt water at domestic cats who are on surfaces which are forbidden by the owner. …

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Why can dogs learn their names and cats cannot?

Cat training

The question is false because cats can ‘learn their names’. In truth, neither cats nor dogs learn their names. They learn the sound of their names and attach it to a reward as opposed to understand the meaning of their name (as a label) and attaching it to themselves. That’s my opinion. For cats …

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