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Why do humans and dogs smile but cats don’t? — 8 Comments

  1. Mmmmmyeahhhhhh I’m going to have to call an audible on this one. While I agree that other body language is more dominant in cats than facial expressions, I have thought about this a lot and observed that they do possess a very minor ability to show emotional state in their faces. I’ve looked for it and found it there every day, more in some cats than others, but it’s there. It’s very subtle at first, but as I take note, pretty obvious to me. We’re just used to humans is all, and we’re pretty much the clowns of the animal kingdom. It’s the main thing missing from text communication on the internet, which is why we have so much difficulty determining what people are feeling, and why we had to invent emogies. We depend on facial expressions and voice fluctuations too much to stay out of trouble. Cats have a slight ability, it just takes practice to look for the nuanced subtleties. It’s mostly around the eyes and ears. Basically they’re best at expressing bright and cheery (happy), down, sad or mad. The trick is to study these emotions in the same cat. Obviously some cats start with a fixed face that might lean one way or the other. They all seem to start with a smiley face, (except Grumpy cat of course) but I have nevertheless seen that mouth curl slightly downward when sick or unhappy. You have to look for it hard and often I think.

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