Useful free to use picture of a happy Maine Coon

Free to use picture of a happy Maine Coon

This is a useful free to use photographic quality image of a ginger tabby Maine Coon cat resting in a cat tree of suitable size and robustness. He’ll be male as nearly all ginger tabbies are male. RELATED: 12 facts on keeping an indoor cat happy We (good cat caregivers) know that ensuring your …

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Can cats smile?

Can cats smile. What do you think?

An often-asked question in relation to domestic cats is, “Can cats smile?” It is a question about feline emotions as you can’t smile unless you are happy, a basic emotion. The experts and the observant cat caregivers believe or know that cats can at least experience basic emotions. They can feel happy but can …

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Photo of boyfriend and rescue kitten both smiling after adoption

Guy has just picked up his rescue kitten called Frog and his girlfriend who took the photo can't tell who is happier

The headline is: “My boyfriend and I just picked up our little rescue kitten, and I can’t tell who’s happier! Meet Frog!” What a great photograph. Joy written all over their faces. He is a little tabby and I am convinced that Frog has a good and long life ahead of him. SOME MORE …

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Apparently cats don’t smile. But this little rascal looks pretty happy to me

Smiling contented cat because his owner is smiling and contented

I have always said that if a cat is smiling it is not because he is smiling but because his facial anatomy makes it seem like he is smiling but my resolve to stick to that point of view is waning fast. This tabby, who looks male to me, is supremely content and it …

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