Woman climbs through a cat door

In this video we see a woman climbing through a cat door in the US. Admittedly the cat door is larger than normal but everything in America is larger than normal! That’s meant to be a compliment by the way. Their “cat doors” are certainly about twice the size as “cat flaps” in the UK. And, as you will see in the video, they have lots of fun getting this woman through the cat door into the house. As it happens, they didn’t have to get in this way because you will notice that the window around the cat door is made of Perspex so all they had to do was push the whole thing in with their feet, but that isn’t the point!

Woman climbs through a cat door in the US

Woman climbs through a cat door in the US. Screenshot.

The point is that a slender woman and children can get through cat and dog doors in America which means that we have to ask whether they are secure. How many people climb through cat doors in America to burgle houses? That’s what I am asking.

There must be some sort of security system in place because what we see in the video can’t be typical. Perhaps most cat and dog doors are microchip activated so only the dog or cat allowed inside the property can use them. Or, I believe that some cat and dog doors are activated by a key on the animal’s collar. And there are security covers which you can place over the cat door to protect against an intruder. I had not seen them until now but I’m told that they are widely available in America.

Woman climbs through a cat door

Woman climbs through a cat door. Her helper is pleased! Screesnhot.

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You can buy them online on the PetDoors.com website, for example. They have one which is a steel security door cover costing $239.99; not cheap but it looks completely secure and I presume you use it when you are away from your home. The fact that this sort of security device is available to consumers indicates that the standard cat and dog door can present a security problem to home owners as illustrated in the video, which I enjoyed.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.


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